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Born in Blood

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Born in Blood

Mexican Catholics tortured and murdered by Masonic Revolutionaries during 'Cristeros' Beatified

P2 Conspiracy Indepth - St. Peter's Squared

The Knights Templar, the Assassins, the Johannite Heresy, and Satanism

The Hell-Fire Club, Masonic Deism, Dashwood, Franklin, and the Black Mass

The Pacts of Extinction, by Father Malachi Martin

Masonic Traitors, Treason, and Treachery - The French Revolution, Jacobins and Jacobites

The Writings and Correspondance of Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati

Barruel And Robison's Revelations on Freemasonry and Revolution

Proof of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments of Europe, by Professor John Robison, University of Edinburgh, 1798

Frederick the Great, and His Relations with Masonry and Other Secret Societies

Latin American History and Freemasonry

U.S. Masonic History 101

The Mystery of the Green Dragon Tavern and the Boston Tea Party

Masonic Murder, by President John Quincy Adams

Letters on the Masonic Institution, by President John Quincy Adams

The Abduction and Murder of Captain William Morgan

Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention

Masonry and Prejudice

Freemasonry's History of Racism

The Ku Klux Klans Masonic Origins

Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, the Craft and the Klan

Proof that Freemasonry is lieing about Albert Pike 33° and the Ku Klux Klan

Freemasonry and the 20th Century Occult Revival

Nazism and The New Age, Hitler and the Occult

The Red Dragon and the Black Beast, Communism and Freemasonry

The Nazi Party, the Thule Society, the Occult, and German Freemasonry

Rothschild Bank AG Zurich tied to Calvi Murder and P2 Masonic Lodge

New evidence that Hess died with Hereditary Grand Master of Freemasonry, The Duke of Kent, in 42' plane crash

'The Story of the Blue Forget Me Not Flower Pin': Freemasonry's latest fantasy

Hitler's Racial Ideology, Content and Occult Sources - Simon Wiesenthal Center

Brother Timothy McVeigh 32°

Masonry and Politics

Masonic Court Packing and the Establishment Clause

Masonic Lodge Propaganda Due (P2) - The Oaths they took

The Soviet Communist Holocaust & the F.D.R. Administration

The 1910 Portugal Revolution and Freemasonry

'Boiled in Oil': The Masonic Mayor of Fatima's Satanic Actions Exposed

Fatima Mocked by the Freemasons

The 1921 Bombing of the Shrine of Fatima by the Freemasons

The Third Secret of Fatima Revealed: The Virgin Mary's War against Freemasonry

The Martyrs of Spain's Civil War: What was the role of Freemasonry in this anti-Catholic campaign?

The Martyrs of Spain: Anti-Clerical Atrocities in the Spanish Civil War

Los masones: la historia de la sosiedad secreta mas poderosa | The Freemasons: History of the Most Powerful Secret Society

The Destruction of the Churches of Kosovo

Orthodox Muscovites Protest Against 1917 Masonic Conspiracy

Lodge Night in Hitler's Third Reich: The Walvater Teutonic Order of the Holy Grail, Tibetan Monk Magicians, and Nazi Eugenicists - the Meaning of National Socialism

Book explores the Eugenics Movement origins

Freemasonry and the Eugenics Movement

The Yalta Betrayal - The Masonic Symphony

The 20th Century's Worst Crime Goes Unpunished: The souls of Bolshevism's millions of victims cried out for justice but for Brother Roosevelt Stalin still remained 'Uncle Joe'

Putting down the baggage: 200 Million Victims of the "Enlightenment" in last 80 years alone

Liberalism 101 - From Freemasonry to Communism, the gift that keeps on giving

Secrets of the Craft: Protestantism and Freemasonry - The KJV Bible, King James, Bacon, Fludd, and Luther

Cardinal Annibale Bugnini, the Freemason who Crafted Vatican II's Liturgical Time Bombs

Freemasonry and the Subversion of the Catholic Church - The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita

On Freemasonry and Other "Paranoid Fantasies" by Paul Fisher, author of Behind the Lodge Door

Book Review: Hitler's Pope? Cornwell's Insidious Lie

"Mad" King George's Quebec Act of 1774, Colonial-American Freemasonry's 'Intolerable Act'

Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd KKK & Masonic F.A.Q.

Masonic Myths about the Founding Fathers & the Effort by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Texas to excommunicate the 'Canadian' Philalethese Society

Freemasonry's Half-Truths about George Washington

George Washington’s Conversion to Catholicism

Was Hitler a Christian?

Freemasonry and the Bloodbath of the French Revolution: The Grand Orient of France's War on 'The Galilean'

France’s Supreme Masonic Council to send open letter to Libya’s Gadaffi

Book Review: Haiti's Toussaint Louverture; 'The Black Napoleon'

H.R. 33

Canada Masonic Hall given historic designation

House Resolution "33", by Masonic Traveller

'All Experts' Propaganda Due (P2) Membership List

MI5's dangerous ascendancy in Northern Ireland: Refused to reveal Orange Order and Freemason membership among staff

The History of Political Correctness: The Dialectical Imagination

Bro. Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil and the Presidency

Bro. Dick Cheney ex-director of CFR talks to Bro. David Rockefeller

Deep State Coup Averted in Turkey

Spain Schools and Lay institutions request relics of Martyred Journalist murdered by Stalinist Freemason Junta in 1936

Iraq conflict has killed a million, says U.K. survey

Bro. Hamid Karzai to Attend Davos Meeting in Switzerland

Delving into Davos: Where is Osama?

Republican Party Info: Author William T. Still on Jeffersons Obelisk and Infiltration of Freemasons into Christian Churches

E.U. to hold atheist and freemason summit

Masons, Morgan and Dan Brown

CNN Hunts Down Freemasons in U.S. Government - DC Masonic Pentagram Map

Something missing from PBS's 'Tecumseh's Vision'

Skull and Bones: Rare Masonic Ties?

Processus Contra Templarios: Manuscripts documenting the heresy trials of the historic Knights Templar

Article: 'Knights Templar Room' at George Washington Masonic Memorial was dedicated in 1957 by Vice-President Richard Nixon

'Famous Mason' on Flickr: Bro. Gatling's Tomb

VIDEO: Crystal Cathedral Pastor Bro. Robert Schuller 'hour of power' ministry announcement (Masonic 'CutSign')

PHOTO: Bro. Joseph Stalin speaking on 26 January 1924 to the All-Union Congress of Soviets

The William Morgan Kidnapping: 'Caper ushered in new Western New York political party in the 1820s'