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How do you put a positive gloss on Freemasons?

Death at a Masonic Lodge

Widow of slain mason struggles with loss after receiving no apology or contact from "brothers": Where is the human in them?

21 Year Old U.S. Soldiers Death Tied to Masonic Initiation Hazing Ritual

Parliament 'must end its dead rituals'; Sweep away 'Masonic' practices, says Puttnam

Winston Churchill Quit Freemasonry Says Churchill Society

Mysterious deaths, the Marquess and the forbidden treasure - The United Grand Lodge of England's Pro-Grand Master: Spencer "Spenny" Douglas David Compton, the Marquess of Northampton

Australian M.P. questions Governor General's involvement with Freemasonry, raises mandatory masonic declaration issue with Prime Minister

Masons out to woo Scottish Members of Parliament

Freemasons deny recruitment attempt of Scottish Members of Parliament

Freemasons - moral guardians or centre of corruption?

'Pay particular attention to the wife': The Investigating Committee

FW counsels wife of prospective Mason after she reveals insidious Lodge investigation and anti-catholic slurs made against her

A SBC Pastor tells of his continual harrassment by Masons for openly teaching about Freemasonry's incompatability with Christianity

Davidson's charity honour; 'Leading Freemason' denies accusations of racism and homophobia

Stone Angels Conference: A Masonic Ritual Abuse Survivor Organizes Conference and is hounded by Masons and their Wives

Mind Control Interview: Dr. Stephen Kent on Masonic Ritual Abuse and Abusive Cults

Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies

Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force - Los Angeles County Commission for Women

Cults: Questions & Answers

Freemasonry: Closeted Mental Illness?

The Occult vs the Internet - The Ongoing Assault on Truth and Freespeech by Satanic Cults

Australian Child Rights Crusader faces lawsuit by O.T.O.

Witches see an opportunity in new hate bill

God save the heretic - Tony Blair's proposed Thought Crime Bill

Mr. Bean fights the Thought Police: An interview with Rowan Atkinson over Tony Blairs proposed new 'Religious Hatred' bill

Mr. Bean 1 Tony Blair 0 - Labour Govt. Defeated on Bill that would have made it illegal to criticize religions or religious beliefs

Report: East German Communist Secret Police spied on Cardinal Ratzinger, described him as 'particularly dangerous'

Freemasonry v Freemasonry Watch

Masonic Disinformation, Propaganda, Dissembling, and Hate Techniques

Welcome to Alt.Freemasonry

Masonic Omerta

Masonicinfo.com - East German: Points of View

Public Information Posting

The 'Above Top Secret' E-M@son Cyber Patrol claims to have reported the 'cess pit' and 'trash heap' Freemasonry Watch to the F.B.I....

Insider claims Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon 'closely monitoring' Homer Simpson over his 'mendacious' Stonecutters Television 'Expose'

Washington Post said to be 'closely monitoring' Freemasonry Watch over...

Grand Orient of France Official: 'Nothing in common with Anglo-Saxon Masons that "thrust their nose" in any business worldwide'

Child I.D. program an opportunity for Indiana Freemasons to meet the parents

Turkey Masonic lodge shaken by mass resignations

Shriners file lawsuit against Charity Watch Center as they were engaged in an active investigation of Shrine financial irregularities using a retired I.R.S. agent, Shriners: Part 8


U.S.A. - Florida Bar Investigating Complaint Against Shriners Corporate Attorney

Masonic lodge parties turn into shooting galleries

'Potentate' who made Shriner fundraising and financial irregularity allegations wins 'misconduct trial' then quits, calling masonic group 'a fascade'

Memphis TN Shrine questioned over telemarketing fundraising methods

Man Killed In Shootout At South LA Masonic Lodge

Da Vinci Code - Holy Blood, Holy Grail Lawsuit: Richard Leigh & Michael Baigent

Whistleblowers in Court – Shriners: Part 12

"The Minimum of Disclosure to the IRS" - Shriners: Part 11

Pennsylvannia Freemason Lodges to share new building

Shriner sends Rant-to-the-Editor over Newspaper coverage

Uproar in Minnesota over Sheriff releasing inmate from jail to attend Masonic meetings

Former Exec-VP Knew of Crimes, Shriners: Part 9

Masonic lodge forced to sell building due to low membership

Most find Norwich, Conn. Masonic Temple demolition painless

Witch Sues Christians Under Controversial Hate Laws

Hate debate, by Michael Coren

Canadian Parliamentarian seeks to protect Free Speech Rights of Christians

Ode to Brother Davis, by Claire Hoy

Dialogue on Democracy, by Alan Borovoy

Shriners Make SLAPP History? Part: 21

Secrets of 'contorted' freemason initiation to be revealed, U.K. Masons outraged

Judge denies W.VA Grand Lodge effort to dismiss suit by Past Grand Master over reversal of reforms & expulsion

Branson, Missouri I.D. program processes 273 children

Judge to Throw Out Shriners' Defamation Lawsuit? Part 19

P.C. Watch: Iran M.P.'s want action over Dutch, Danish cartoons...

Editorial: Our cherished right to blaspheme

California bill mandates school textbooks reflect T.G.W.C.

Canadian environmentalist suggests jailing 'global warming consensus' deniers

UK Anglican Bishop Fined £47,345 and Sent for "Re-Education" in Gay Employment Case

Website-For-Freemasons complains about Magazine articles that expose hidden influence of Freemasons in government