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Chamish: Zeevi's Murder - They're Doing It Again - 9/11

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October 19. 2001


by Barry Chamish (chamish@netvision.net.il)
FW Contributor

Three days before he died, Rehavam Zeevi attacked Shimon Peres viciously in the government's cabinet meeting. He told PM Sharon that if Peres wasn't sacked, he would resign from the government and take seven Knesset members from Moledet and Yisrael Beiteinu with him. Sharon refused to fire Peres, so Zeevi wrote his last essay, for the Arutz Sheva website. It read in part:

"But what is understood in Washington is apparently not understood here. Prime Minister Sharon, who himself fought for many years against Arab terrorism, is not strong or consistent enough in this fight during his tenure as Prime Minister. In order to keep Shimon Peres in the national unity government, he gives in to Peres' dictates and allows him to continue talking with the top brass of the evil Palestinian Authority, which is a terrorist headquarters in every sense.

Peres conducts diplomatic negotiations, while the Palestinians continue to shoot at our communities and on Jews - and he is doing all this just in order to revive the Oslo process, which brought catastrophe upon us and could, in the end, lead to the collapse of the State of the Jews. Peres is doing this possibly because he believes in it - or possibly because he wants to save his place and reputation in history."

Zeevi went on the warpath against Peres, not a wise strategy. Others have tried and others have died. See:
(Peres Personified 15 pages)
(World Trade Center and prophet Zephaniah 3 pages)
(Irrefutable Truths 1 page)
In numerous previous articles, this author has shown the many connections between Peres and the French connection to the Rabin murder. The same connections are emerging with the Zeevi murder and those claiming responsibility for it, the Front For The Liberation Of Palestine (PFLP). Recall that it was French President Mitterand who had PFLP founder George Habash cared for in France during his last days.

"THE George Habash affair is closed, or so Francois Mitterrand decreed in a pugnacious television interview on February 4th. The presidential aide and three top civil servants who failed to inform Mr Mitterrand about the Palestinian leader's admission into France for supposedly urgent medical treatment had been "sanctioned", he said, which means sacked.

"The ministers involved would not resign, the president went on, because the affair was "not serious enough". it involved an "error of judgment" about a "retired terrorist" grossly overblown by press and television. There would be no change of prime minister, no government reshuffle, no early general election and no parliamentary inquiry. The opposition would have a chance to propose a motion of no confidence in the government at a special session of parliament on February 7th. That was it.

"Edith Cresson's government will not fall, not yet anyway. Socialists (including a former prime minister and likely presidential candidate, Michel Rocard) who joined the critics asking for ministerial heads must now toe the line. The Communists, who dread an early general election almost as much as the Socialists, have announced that their members of parliament will not vote with the opposition to bring the government down. As the conservatives have not the votes to do this on their own, a censure motion is doomed to fail.

"Though contained, the damage has further weakened the government and added to an impression of muddle or worse at the top. Mr. Mitterrand claims he was not told about Mr. Habash's visit until almost 12 hours after the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine had arrived in Paris on January 29th. That may well be true. Unfortunately for him, less than half of French voters, according to one poll, believe it."

It would have been no trouble for Peres and the French to order the PFLP to knock off Zeevi. All we have to do is prove it. Given enough time, that will prove doable. Just look at the emerging coverup:

Just like, in the aftermath of the Rabin assassination, Israel's Shabak has ordered its own investigation of the Zeevi murder. So who is sitting on this commission of inquiry? According to Maariv, there is SH, who was responsible for Peres' personal security on the night of the Rabin murder, I believe that would be Yuval Schwartz, and there is A, who is currently head of the Shabak's Jewish Department, the very gang led by Eli Barak, who ran the provocateur Avishai Raviv previous to Rabin's murder and had a central role in the assassination itself.
The Rabin murderers are back, this time covering up Zeevi's assassination. And just look how they are doing it.

First, they are spreading the word that Zeevi was responsible for his own demise by refusing Shabak protection. Unfortunately for them, a 1997 Supreme Court decision ruled that even if a cabinet minister rejects Shabak protection, he must get it anyway. But that's just the beginning because Zeevi was not the only sensitive figure who stayed on the eighth, VIP, floor of the Hyatt Hotel. Joining him were Shas MK Yair Peretz, not a likely candidate for assassination and Deputy Internal Security Affairs Minister Gideon Ezra, a former Deputy Head of the Shabak, a very likely candidate for kidnapping or assassination.

The Shabak can howl all they want that Zeevi's eighth floor was unguarded because he wanted it that way, but let them explain away Ezra's lack of protection. Good luck to them.

And better luck to them explaining why a group of American tourists shared that eighth floor with Zeevi and Ezra on that fateful morning. Maariv, once again, noted that the assassin must have also shared a room on the eighth floor, thus explaining how he went unnoticed and uncaught. The first person to discover Zeevi after he was shot was one Dr. David Hocking, an American tourist staying in the room opposite him. Naturally, he was an original suspect but I've been assured that he is a pastor with close ties to Israel, an unlikely candidate for murder. However, since the Zeevi murder resembled CIA tactics more than PFLP, we wonder if someone attached to his group, or appearing to be so affiliated, was the murder liaison or the trigger puller himself.

Then there is the business of hotel security. The word being spread is that all guests staying on the eighth floor had a special card which opened the elevator door to the floor. That, of course, does not explain how the murderer supposedly entered and escaped down the fire exit stairs, but more important, this explanation is a lie. Yaacov Verker, who recently visited Zeevi in his room told me, "Nonsense. I pushed the eighth floor button and the elevator opened. There was no need for a card at all." From the newspaper Kol Ha'ir: "There were only maybe six of us in the breakfast room with Zeevi that morning. How come after two days, no one has questioned us?"

Now, let's discuss the hospital procedures for a moment. Zeevi was shot at the Hyatt - Mount Scopus Hotel, a minute from Hadassah Hospital, Mount Scopus. Yet he was taken to Hadassah - Ein Kerem, for treatment, a half hour away. The wife of an Arutz Sheva website editor, who works at Hadassah, explained that Hadassah - Mount Scopus, lacks a head trauma unit and that is the explanation. But another health care worker denies the explanation: "Zeevi needed immediate care. The procedure should have been that he was taken to Mount Scopus and a head trauma expert would be called from Ein Kerem. He may have lost his life in the half hour drive to Ein Kerem." Now the Peres connection. From the Jerusalem Post:

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon promised slain tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi that he would not permit any future meetings between Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat, Zeevi told his faction shortly before his death. Zeevi showed the seven MKs a handwritten note from Sharon with the promise...The promise came about after Zeevi wrote to Sharon, via cabinet secretary Gideon Saar, asking him about reports that Peres intended to meet with Arafat at a Socialist Party conference in Greece."
Let's turn to Haaretz for a report of Peres' coverup after the murder:
"Peres warned against making extreme moves that would lead to a loss of control. In response to the idea of preventing Arafat from returning from Egypt, the foreign minister asked whether Israel was really interested in a confrontation with Mubarak and in seeing the Egyptian army enter the Sinai...Peres reminded those present that the existing agreements with the PA do not require it to extradite suspects to Israel."
Until more facts are gathered, let us ask why Peres did all in his power, to prevent any retaliation for Zeevi's murder. The answer ultimately, will lead to the same organization which murdered Yitzhak Rabin.


I will be in Toronto beginning Nov. 26 for a series of seminars. I will be in New York beginning Nov. 15.

I'd be delighted to meet my correspondents. Meanwhile, don't forget the Rabin Conference in Jerusalem, and do show up at the Jerusalem municipal courthouse, Russian Compound, on the morning of Nov. 4 to demand that Avishai Raviv finally face justice.

(Sunday, October 28, 2001, 4:00-9:00 P.M.)

DATE: Sunday, October 28, 2000

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