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The Devil's Rain (1975), Starring Bro. Ernest Borgnine 33' Technical Advisor Anton Lavey

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The classic that messed up my childhood... and was still somehow only rated PG for that time! Although I have to admit, I didn't have to do any edits to remove any single moment due to language, sexual content, or even gore. This one is just... well if you have seen it you know. If not, you have to watch it, after you get through the longest title sequence of any horror film ever. 4 minutes of titles at the front.

What I like about this film, is it does not sugar-coat exactly what the Devil is, a liar, trickster, manipulator, manipulator, torturer, etc etc etc just pure evil for the sake of being evil. And doing it all with the good old boy smug grimace of Ernest Borgnine. In human form, he makes you wanna hang out, until he shows you what he really is. It doesn't sugar-coat the Church of Satan either. Want to make sure your kids choose a GOOD religion? Sit 'em down and show 'em this. It was like 'Scared-Straight' to me in my childhood. It really did teach me not to trust charisma, trust the content of a person. Yeah, 'ol Ernest turns in that good of a performance. Don't be deceived.

William Shatner and John Travolta, AND Keenen Wynn and Eddie Albert? It's got the cast lineup for what could have been the strangest musical ever. I mean seriously, look at this cast.

And the ending! Oh, the ending! The LONGEST horror scene to endure ever, goes on and on, yet you cannot look away. Like the melting nazi face in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Bah, multiply that times 1000 and you might be close to the ending of this film. It is so over the top you have to see it. As a kid, in the 70's watching it on Late Night TV with my friends, one of them almost puked (for real) another couldn't stop nervous laughing, and I was just... fixated. As an adult, I could replicate the effects with enough free time and alka-seltzer. But you must, watch, it. Because people who hate horror films can talk about this movie at the water-cooler, so you should be able to also.

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