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Syria doubts Al Quaeda involvement in terrorist attacks against US - 9/11

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SANA News Agency, Syria

Syria doubts Al Quaeda involvement in terrorist attacks against US

September 17, 2001

M.Abdo CAPITALS Sept 17 ( Agencies) Five Israeli suspected of involvement in the recent terrorist attacks against New York Trade Center and the Pentagon were detained four hours after New York attack, the Israeli Haaretz reported. Haaretz reported that the five Israelis were on the roof of a nearby building taking pictures; they were investigated and interrogated for three days, one of them has another European Nationality and was suspected to be a member if the Israeli Mossad.

Al-Manar TV Station said that 4000 Israelis working in the World Trade Center in New York weren't present in their work on the day of the attacks in implementation for orders from the Israeli government.

There were no reports of Israelis or American Jews missing in the attacks so far.

The Omani 'Al-Wattan' daily quoted Arab diplomatic sources as saying that the absence of the Israelis from their work on Tuesday, the day of the attacks, caused suspicions for the US officials.

Earlier, Ahmad Tibi, an Arab of 1948 Knesset Member, declared that the Knesset deliberated the arrest of the said 5 Israelis, who were later on handed over to the Migration Authorities in New Jersey.

Tibi asserted in a statement that the handing over proved the double standard policy of the US media in covering the attacks.

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