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Sis. Sarah Palin visits Bro. Donald Trump while on her motor tour

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Media swarms aimless Palin bus tour

Scores of reporters breathlessly track every one of Sarah Palin's meaningless moves

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

By Justin Elliott

Topics:Sarah Palin, War Room, 2012 Elections

As a journalist, watching the flailing press coverage of Sarah Palin’s bus tour has been the most sobering experience since Donald Trump helicoptered into New Hampshire masquerading as a presidential candidate and a horde of reporters hung on his every word.

Most observers acknowledge that Palin’s so-called “One Nation” tour doesn’t have a coherent point, and even that Palin would be a weak presidential candidate. And yet, literally scores of reporters — as many as 200 — are following Palin around as she busily fails to say anything meaningful. Reporters unlucky enough to be assigned to cover Palin on Memorial Day created a #wheressarah Twitter hashtag as they raced around trying to guess where she would land next.

What would in a just world prompt a round of self-reflection by the national press corps will instead continue indefinitely until Palin gets bored. Here’s a look at the lowlights of Palin bus tour coverage so far

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