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Sid Roth welcomes Todd White

So I grew up in Masonic homes. Is that where you started on drugs? Yup

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Sid Roth It's Supernatural Television Series

Sid Roth welcomes Todd White

4 Sep 2012

Posted by sidroth
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Sid Roth It's Supernatural Television Series

On Itís Supernatural: A man is shot at point blank range repeatedly, yet never hit. After his life is miraculously spared, he receives a supernatural visitation.

Can ancient secrets of the supernatural be rediscovered? Do angels exist? Is there life after death? Are healing miracles real? Can you get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 30 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of Itís Supernatural.

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where itís naturally supernatural. My guest, Todd White, was shot point blank in a drug deal that went bad. Point blank. Not one bullet touched him. It was almost as if there was an invisible shield. And then he heard a voice. But Todd, you were raised in a home where you had to be sent out to a boys school.

TODD: Yeah.

SID: Tell me about that.

TODD: I was, at like eleven and a half, my parents had been divorced, and I was rowdy child. And my mom worked for a pizza shop, one of three jobs. And a guy was a Mason in there. So I grew up in Masonic homes in Elizabethtown.

SID: Is that where you started on drugs?

TODD: I started, yup, and about six months after that, I started using, at 12 years old, I started getting high. And then it just escalated.

SID: And you went into the Marines and you went AWOL.

TODD: Yeah.

SID: And you ended up in prison. I mean, you had a big mess going on.

TODD: I sure did.

SID: Then you get married.

TODD: Yeah.

SID: You didnít get married, but you had a child.

TODD: Well I did. We actually, I got extradited, kicked out of the Marine Corp, bad conduct discharged, the whole nine yards. And I met a girl on a blind date at a bar one night, and I kind of tricked her into having a child. We actually had a child together and we lived together for nine years. And I was an atheist and a drug dealer, a drug addict.

SID: How long were you a drug addict?

TODD: Twenty-two years. Twenty-two years.

SID: So you went looking for drugs one night.

TODD: Yeah.

SID: Tell me about that.

TODD: Yeah. I actually, I went out. I had actually asked Jesus to come into my heart about four and half months prior, but I never got into the Word. I never understood that that was gonna transform me in relationship with Jesus. I went out one night to get some crack, and I picked up this kid on a back street. I had lost my girlfriend and my daughter, who had chased me out in town. I picked him up and once I had the drugs in my hand, I told him that I was a police officer, and I started to read him his rights. And he started to freak out.

SID: You were conning him because you didnít have money for the drugs.

TODD: Thatís it. Thatís it. And I pulled over. I told him to step out of the car and put his hands on the hood. And when he stepped out of the car to put his hands on the hood, I hit the gas and he unloaded a 9-millimeter at me. I donít know how many bullets it was, but I know it was enough that I shouldnít be here right now. And I heard an audible say to me, ďI took those bullets for you. Are you ready to live for me yet?Ē And I went and I actually did the drugs. I didnít get high that night. And it was so weird because they were very real drugs. I had smoked crack and I knew what they were. I went home. My girlfriend was at home and she hated me. She was ready for me to leave. She was an atheist also, and she, I had never represented Christ in me saying that I need Jesus. So she said, ďYou need to leave.Ē I said, ďI actually do need to leave.Ē And that night, I left the house. Three days later, I went to a place called to Teen Challenge. I was in Teen Challenge for a two-month period of time. I had a radical encounter with Jesus three nights in a row, and he told me to go home.

SID: You know, we canít speed this up. Itís just so amazing. When you first went into Teen Challenge you started having bad dreams.

TODD: Horrible.

SID: And then you met a street man.

TODD: Yeah.

SID: Tell me about that.

TODD: I had horrible nightmares every night. Every night when Iíd go to sleep Iíd be attacked. It was the only place where Satan had access to my soul, which is your mind, will and emotions. And he had access to that. At night when Iíd go to sleep Iíd have these horrible nightmares. So every night, my roommates in Teen Challenge were petrified of me because Iíd run around the room screaming and yelling, and hollering, and hiding underneath the bed. It was just horrible. So one day Iím across the street at Teen Challenge in Harrisburg at the induction center. And I had my guitar. I didnít know how to play, but I was just strumming the strings. A homeless man came up pushing a shopping cart. And I looked and he had army fatigues on. They were like

floods. He had swim goggles on his head, sneakers on. Heís pushing a shopping cart.

SID: A real character.

TODD: A real character. The people that weíre actually suppose to love and not just walk passed. And I looked at him and I said, ďMan, do you know how much Jesus loves you?Ē And he pulled his shopping car over and he said, ďI do. Do you know how much he loves you?Ē So he started to talk to me, and he told me that I had a demon. And he didnít know me. He didnít know where I was from. And he sat there and he talked to me. And I didnít get upset. The guy that I was with from Teen Challenge, the other man that was in the program, he actually walked across the street mad because he told him he had a demon and he didnít want to hear that. But this guy knew something about me, but thereís no way he knew. And I didnít understand what words of knowledge were or anything like that. I was brand new. I had no idea. So he starts to preach the Gospel to me like I had never heard. And I said to him, I said, ďMan, why are you out here? Why arenít you preaching somewhere?Ē And he said, ďTwenty years ago, the Lord told me to pick up my cross and follow Him, and Iíve been pushing this shopping cart,Ē it was full of Bibles, ďacross the nation from mission to mission talking to anybody who would listen.Ē And he said, ďWeíre gonna pray and this thing is not touching you. This thing is leaving you.Ē So he prayed and I didnít feel anything. I went back in. They kind of made fun of me because I was talking to the homeless guy across the street. But when I turned around he wasnít there. I had no idea where he went. All I know is that I went back in there. My life seemed to be the same, but I went in there and went through my day. And that night, I had a dream that I was in a valley, and in a valley with a broad bottom to it with steep sides. And I went and it started shaking in my dream. And I thought these demons were coming to chase me again. And instead of them coming to chase me, I heard a voice say, ďBehold, Iíll never leave you nor forsake you. Iím always with you.Ē And immediately I woke up. And I went into the prayer room that I had programmed myself, because I had made the commitment to go into this place. And if there was really a God, I was going to find him. So I had to leave everything. So I was in there, and Iíd go into the prayer room everyday, and the Bible was kind of hidden. I didnít understand it. I had ADHD my whole life, so I never read a book. The Bible is the first book that I could understand. It just so happens to be the one thatís most important for me to understand. And I opened it up to Psalm 23, and I saw, ďTho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil.Ē And I woke up immediately. I came out of this thing that I was in when I was in the prayer room, and Iím like, ďThatís God! This was God talking to me!Ē What I mean I woke up, I was like I got lost in that section of scripture just for a second. And I went through my day. I didnít say anything to anybody. The same dream, the second night, the same valley.

SID: It was the third night. What did God tell you?

TODD: The third night, it got so amazing because there was a light that went from behind me the whole way down this valley, and there was a voice that came from behind me, and He put His hand on my shoulder, and He said, ďDo not fear. I will never leave you nor forsake you. Iím always with you. This addiction will never touch you again.Ē And I woke up. They told me to go home. They actually said, ďGo home.Ē

SID: But you hadnít completed the Teen Challenge program.

TODD: No. I was only there for two months, Ďcause itís never the program that changes you. Itís Christ in the program.

SID: I know. But they donít let you go after two months.

TODD: No. They were actually, the thing about Teen Challenge is you have access to leave. Itís an open door. But once you say youíre gonna leave, you have to leave.

SID: So you leave. You got back to your girlfriend and your daughter.

TODD: Yeah.

SID: And she hates your guts.

TODD: Right. But she had started to come to Christ before I was in Teen Challenge. But when I was in there, she had started to give herself fully to believing that God could transform me. So I come home and we got married four days later in the middle of the church service. We just did it right in between.

SID: Ah!

TODD: God is so amazing.

SID: Okay, so that was about four and a half years ago.

TODD: Yeah.

SID: What kind of marriage do you have now?

TODD: I have the most incredible wife and the most incredible marriage, where we have never been closer. And my wife is amazing and I love her. Because in the Bible it says to love your wife like Christ loved the church. And thatís an unconditional love.

SID: What about your daughter that never knew her father outside of a drug addict?

TODD: Yeah. God has by His grace an amazing mercy, has allowed my daughter to never look back but to only look forward. And any time we look back is to only look at it as a part, never apart from the blood of Jesus and the testimony of what heís done. So now she knows that her dad always keeps his word, he never lies, and he always follows through with everything, and that God has completely transformed, not just her daddy, but her life, her mommyís life. Now we have also Zoe, who is my littlest one. Sheís gonna be three in June. All of our lives Zoe is out there with me. Destiny is out there with me. And when we go into Walmart we pray for people. And Zoe prays, ďAlly, be gone in Jesusí name.Ē

SID: Todd, you know, it just dawned on me. When that homeless man who disappeared, I think it could have been an angel. I believe somehow you received an impartation. He has an impartation of love that is so amazing, of miracles, of words of knowledge. Donít go away. Weíll be right back after this word.


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