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Janes: Why was Russia's intelligence on Al-Qaeda ignored? - 9/11

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Janes International Security Intelligence Digest

05 October 2001

Why was Russia's intelligence on Al-Qaeda ignored?

Back in March Moscow's Permanent Mission at the UN submitted to the UN Security Council an unprecedentedly detailed report on Al-Qaeda's terrorist infrastructure in Afghanistan, but the US government opted not to act. To find out why - and to discover the astonishing degree of information contained in that report - buy the latest special issue of Jane's Intelligence Digest online for just $36.

Jane's Intelligence Digest's analysis of this Russian report, leaked from the highest levels of the UN, uncovers the following revelations:

The breathtaking extent of intelligence data tabled by the Russians

The degree of Pakistani military and security involvement in Afghanistan

The extent of the Taliban's involvement in drug trafficking

The key reasons why the US Administration didn't seize the initiative and act upon the intelligence given.

As the US-led coalition embarks on the war against terrorism, Jane's Intelligence Digest is at the forefront of the geopolitical issues behind the military action. As well as studying the implications of the leaked Russian report, the latest issue of Jane's Intelligence Digest also contains unique and insightful analysis on the following:

The problems associated with closing down the funding for Al-Qaeda

With Western leaders now discussing the concept of a Palestinian state, the chances for brokering an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal in the current climate

The effects of the growing international coalition against terrorism for the nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States

Beyond the need for increased funding and emphasis on human intelligence on the ground, the war on terrorism's requirement for a solid, permanent political commitment as a requisite for success.

Jane's Intelligence Digest has consistently shown itself to be ahead of the curve in its coverage of current geopolitical issues. Its latest analysis proves yet again that this groundbreaking Jane's title has the answers to questions other media organisations haven't even asked yet.

So find out why more and more analysts are using Jane's Intelligence Digest as their global early warning service by filling out the online order form for the latest special issue. v To receive this special extended issue for $36, simply fill in the order form using the link below. The report (available in Portable Document Format (.pdf)) will be accessible via Jane's Online once your credit card payment is processed (typical delivery within 24 hours).

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