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Royal Order of Jesters: Shrine leaders secret society loses charitiable tax status case

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Jesters Lose Tax Decision

Tue Feb 14, 2012

By Sandy Frost

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Shriners, Jesters, Masons

Alex Rogers, Jesters' executive director. Photo courtsey: Murat Shrine

A Jester with two girls in Brazil, Shriners, Masons
A Jester with two girls in Brazil.

Shriners, Jesters, Masons
Royal Order of Jesters office building. Photo credit: Brandt Construction

Editor’s Note: This article is dedicated to Carl Bernstein in honor of his 68th birthday today, February 14.

Thank you,

Starbucks, WA

On February 15, 2008, I launched the first ever investigation into the Shriners’ secret sub-group, the Royal Order of Jesters by publishing “Jesters Exposed.” It alluded to rumors of prostitution but actually focused on how the Jesters appealed property tax decisions by the Marion County assessor to tax their ”nonprofit” headquarters 100%. Nineteen days later, I published "Jesters" To Testify about Illegal Drugs, Child Prostitution?” then twelve days after that, I published “Judge Resigns, Police Captain to Plead Guilty as FBI Investigates Royal Order of Jesters for Prostitution.” Since these three stories broke within 33 days of each other four years ago, I have exposed, detailed and documented the greatest nonprofit fraud of our time; human trafficking and prostitution at tax payer expense.

This seemingly boring property tax story began when attorney Ron Pruitt filed nonprofit incorporation documents with Texas’ Secretary of State on 7/11/2003. These documents were then filed with the IRS, where the Director of Exempt Organization Rulings and Agreements decided the Royal Order of Jesters deserved 501(c)(3) status as a charity and, on July 24, 2004, approved their application that classified their new headquarters as a “museum.” The Jesters then filed as a foreign corporation business entity with the Secretary of State of Indiana to qualify their new Indianapolis headquarters for property tax exemption. Additionally, the Jesters were afforded other nonprofit benefits including reduced postal rates, possible exemption from state income, sales, and employment taxes, tax-deductible contributions and exemption from Federal income tax. According to About.com, “Tax-exempt means that a nonprofit (1) does not pay taxes to the federal government and (2) that its donors can take a tax deduction for their donations to the organization.”

Marion County inspectors found the property did not meet the standards for tax exemption and denied the Jesters’ applications for 2008 and 2010. The appeal process proceeded from October 23, 2009 to October 11, 2011, when an attorney for the Jesters and their executive director appeared before the three-member Indiana Board of Tax Review and failed to prove their case.

The January 9, 2012 decision states:

“All property receives protection, security, and services from the government, such as fire and police protection, and public schools. These governmental services carry with them a corresponding obligation of pecuniary support in the form of taxation. When property is exempt from taxation, the effect is to shift the amount of taxes a property would have paid to other parcels that are not exempt.”

The Jesters submitted exhibits A-Q that included previous tax applications and documents, IRS approval letters and a list of U.S. National Masonic Appendant bodies. Presenting their case were attorney Paul M. Jones of Ice Miller LLP and Alex Rogers, executive director, who both argued that the Jesters deserved both charitable and fraternal property tax exemptions because:

•The property is owned, occupied and used for charitable, educational and religious purposes.
•A previous consent order granted exemption based on fraternal claims.
•They are part of Masonry.
•The Jesters are exempt from federal taxation as both a 501c3 charity and 501c10 fraternity made up of 191 “courts” with 20,500 members.

All Jester courts correspond to 191 Shriner temples. One must first be a Master Mason before joining groups like the Scottish Rite, the Knights Templar and the Shriners. One must be secretly invited from the Shriners to join the Jesters.

Rogers testified that the Masons were the “highest respected fraternal organization in the world” and that that “The purpose of the Jesters is spreading the gospel of mirth, merriment and cheerfulness, promoting fellowship and fraternity among members, and extending good cheer and assistance to the general public, which furthers the Masonic principles of brotherly love, belief and truth. Mirth is king explains to the world the purpose of our existence.”

The Jesters submitted Exhibit Q, a list of national Masonic groups. The Grand Lodge of Indiana does not include the Jesters on their own page of affiliated groups.

The Jesters referred to two cases that supported Masonic property tax exemption. The first case was 150 years old and the second case was issued by the Court of Appeals in 1969.

Jones’ and Rogers’ claims were countered by John C. Slatten, the attorney for the Marion County Assessor, who successfully argued that the Jesters’ property should be 100% taxable because:

•The Jesters building is used for administrative purposes only such as collecting financial information, sending out reports to the various subordinate courts and answering questions about the bylaws.
•The Jesters failed to prove the property was predominantly used for any exempt purpose.
•The Jesters failed to show they provided a public benefit that would justify the loss of tax revenue.
•The Jesters do not serve the class of people that are legitimate subjects of charity.
•The property does not relieve any government burden.
•The Jesters are a recreational group that is predominantly a social club.
•The Jesters aren’t engaged in any charitable activities.
•Jester educational activities are limited to the membership.
•The second case used to support their argument was overturned.
•The government has no obligation to provide entertainment, merriment or “mirth.”

If you were at the IRS, would you have approved “mirth” as an exempt purpose?

IRS documents like the 1023 application for tax exemption and the last three years of a nonprofit group’s tax returns are, by law, to be disclosed within 30 days of request. A first request for the Jesters’ 1023 was sent on December 20, 2007 and two times since. They have not complied and, at the rate of $20 a day, could be fined nearly $30K.

Slatten then pointed out that the Jesters provided no evidence that the Masonic fraternity, as it exists today, operates in the same manner, performs the same functions and retains the same position in society as it did 150 years ago. He continued that the Jesters also failed to prove that today’s exemption statute is the same or substantially similar to the exemption statute applied by the court in 1865.

“Likewise,” the decision reads, “the Petitioner failed to show that the Jesters operate in the same manner, performs the same functions and retains the same position in society as the Masons. Though to the extent that the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Indiana remains good law 150 years later, the case merely found property owned by the Free Masons to be exempt. Nowhere in that decision was there any analysis of property owned and used by the Jesters.”

Slatten then argued that the Jesters had not established an educational or charitable purpose because the museum was not advertised or promoted as being open to the public, had no signage and was not on the national museum registry.

The Jesters property has now been classified as “commercial.”

And, as a result, they must now dissolve.

According to a source at the IRS, “This decision means the Jesters are no longer considered a tax exempt group. They must now dissolve and start to file taxable returns.”

A source with Indiana’s Secretary of State’s office agreed, stating that they had no enforcement power so it is up to the Jesters to dissolve and reincorporate as a taxable group. An Indiana expert on nonprofit dissolution stated “If the IRS says that’s what this group must do, then that’s what they must do.”

So, what does this mean for the Jesters and other Masonic organizations in Indiana who own tax exempt property? And will the Jesters appeal?

1) The Jesters must now dissolve their charity as well as their 191 “courts” because Jones and Rogers failed to prove either deserved tax exemption. This article explains the dissolution process, including asset distribution.

2) The Jesters can’t give their assets to themselves so, most logically, will donate their cash and assets to their corresponding Shriner temples.

3) The Jesters’ failure now provides Indiana’s assessors with a blueprint to challenge Masonic related property tax exemption applications as potential sources of revenue.

It’s safe to speculate that the leaders of the Grand Lodge of Indiana aren’t going to be too happy after learning that the Jesters threw them under the bus. Projected 2012 income tax revenues for Indianapolis are down 30%, or $85 million, from 2010. The Grand Lodge of Indiana’s building is worth $4.2 million and if taxed at a rate of 3%, the county could take in $126,500 from this one building alone.

Tax returns, available through Guidestar.org, show the national fraternal office reports $1.3 million in assets. Tax returns report the charity has $443,661 in cash. A search of Indiana Secretary of State’s list of registered businesses reveals that the fraternal “courts” are not registered but the charity is.

The Fort Wayne Court #27 is led by Director Larry Freeman, Treasurer David Ballinger and Secretary Dave Goodwin and reports $155.69 in savings. Court #43 operates out of 136 Country Club Dr, La Porte, Indiana, is led by Director Michael C. Woolfington, Treasurer Edwin M, Bowers and Impresario R. William Stoll and reports $42,154 in cash. Terre Haute Court #45 operates out of 9814 Armstrong Place, Terre Haute, Indiana, is led by Impresario William Campbell and reports $13, 404 in cash. The Evansville court operates out of 900 S Meadow Rd, Evansville, Indiana, is led by Director Dr. C. Mike Wood, Impresario Joseph J. Vezzoso Jr., and Treasurer Charles R. McDonald and reports $18,531 in cash.

When the Jester news broke four years ago, we learned from the Buffalo News that a New York state Supreme Court judge resigned after the FBI caught him and two other Jesters in a human trafficking sting. These included his law clerk and a retired Lockport police captain. A retired Erie County Sheriff pleaded guilty last April to driving a limo of prostitutes from the Buffalo New York airport to a national Jester convention in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada in April, 2005 and not reporting the felony to authorities. The Judge testified in his plea agreement that he worked with national officials to make sure prostitutes got to a national Jester meeting in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The same plea agreement discloses that the Jesters are under federal investigation for sex trafficking, prostitution and child sex tourism.

So, will the Jesters appeal?

Sources report there was no mention of human trafficking, prostitution or child sex tourism during the property tax hearing.

Would you appeal, knowing how easy it would be to link Jester sex crimes to the building in question?

The other story I broke four years ago reported that a group of 19 Jesters were on a witness list and were expected to testify about their first hand knowledge of sex with minor girls while on a fishing trip to Brazil. The list included national Jester director Samuel “Scutter” Newton.

The former fishing tour operator who organized the Jester fishing trip is currently being prosecuted by Brazilian authorities for trafficking underage girls into prostitution for his North American fishing clients. He is also under criminal investigation by a grand jury in Miami for child sex tourism and has been sued by four Brazilian women who claim he trafficked them into prostitution while minors.

The depositions of five Brazilian girls describe how one was left pregnant at age 13 after one such fishing trip. Fishing guides took pictures of Jesters having sex with minor girls and surrendered them to the Brazilian Federal Police. The fishing guides testified in the same case that the Jesters asked to be called “Masons” and for girls over 13. It is not yet known if these Jesters are among the twenty fishing customers currently under investigation by the Brazilian Senate.

Here is how the feds describe the Jesters in the Sheriff’s plea agreement.

“The Royal Order of Jesters (“ROJ”) is a worldwide fraternal organization whose membership is limited to individuals invited to join by other members. The motto of the ROJ is ‘mirth is king.’ The ROJ has local chapters or ‘courts.’ On occasion, a local court or group of local courts in the same geographical area sponsor social gatherings known as ‘books of the play’ or ‘books.’ The sponsoring courts organize the ‘books’ and arrange for food, lodging, and entertainment at the ‘books.’ The ROJ also sponsors a yearly national ‘book,’ the equivalent of a national convention. In April, 2005, the Jester’s national book was held in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. As set forth below, a typical feature of a ‘book of the play’ is the presence of prostitutes (‘Jester Girls’) who engage in commercial sex acts with members of the ROJ. Arrangements for the prostitutes are generally made by the organizer of the ‘books,’ or the region hosting the national ‘book.’ On occasion, individual Jesters make arrangements to transport prostitutes to ‘books.’”

Indiana officials recently toughened human trafficking penalties in advance of the Super Bowl being held in Indianapolis. The state’s Attorney General worked with the Indiana legislature to create and unanimously pass a bill that Governor Mitch Daniels signed on Monday, January 30, 2012. The bill increases the penalty for forcing an underage person into the sex trade to up to 50 years in prison.

Now it’s time for Indiana investigators to connect the dots with their counterparts in Buffalo and Miami, visit Alex Rogers and ask him a few questions about the link between these sex crimes and the Jesters’ property.

Did you work with Judge Ronald Tills to get the “Jester girls” for the national meeting in Niagara Falls, Ontario?

If you knew, who else knew and when did they know it?

If you knew, how many others have worked with the national office to make sure they got “Jester girls” to their next weekend meeting?

Are you aware that board member Scutter Newton was expected to answer questions about having sex with minors while on a Jester fishing trip to Brazil?

Did you, or anyone else in Jester leadership, sign an out-of-country trip letter, mandated by your bylaws, sanctioning the Jesters’ fishing trip to Brazil?

Can we search your computer, the computers of your board of directors and other officers and all associated Jester emails for child pornography?

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Public Discussion (24).

Sandy Frost
If anyone has evidence or wants to come forward as a witness, please contact me at SandyLeeFrost@yahoo.com.

Thank you,


2 votes#1 - Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:34 AM EST
Sounds interesting.

Do you think we can use the same attack on religious groupings?

4 votes#1.1 - Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:44 AM EST
Sandy Frost
Dear ryoushi12,

Thank you for your comment. Any changes to religious tax exempt status would need to be considered by the IRS. Now, like the Jesters' link to human trafficking, there might could be an argument made for the Catholic church and pedophilia.



6 votes#1.2 - Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:01 AM EST
I am not in the Jesters or Shrine, but I am proud to be a Mason. I wouldn't say that this sort of thing could never happen, but if it does, it would be a miniscule part of the organization, smaller than pedophilia by Catholic priests. The Masonic fraternity is not some poker/stag film group.

1 vote#1.3 - Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:28 AM EST
Sandy Frost

Thank you for your comments. If what you say is true, why have the Masons not cleaned this up? The Hellfire Group was such a sex group for our Masonic founders so the concept of a Masonic sex group is not new. Many in Shriner and Masonic leadership are Jesters who turn their heads, even in the face of prosecutions. Sad how the Masons can't or won't self police. Oversight by law enforcement is no way to run a nonprofit group, though, not tax exempt anymore.

Thank you,


#1.4 - Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:14 PM EST
Excellent reporting. I wish people would come forward and be honest citizens. I pray they do.

1 vote#1.5 - Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:29 PM EDT
Sandy Frost
Dear geneviveva,

Thank you for your comments. I wish the same because the longer this goes on, the worse it's going to get. I can't imagine the cover up being orchestrated both in the United States but in Brazil as well because of who is on the former fishing tour guides customer list, like a former governor of Nebraska.

Thanks again,


#1.6 - Mon Apr 2, 2012 10:57 PM EDT
Dr Know
@Davy - Please give examples of three (3) activities of YOUR Blue Lodge that qualify as "charitable" for anyone outside the immediate lodge.

#1.7 - Tue Apr 3, 2012 1:42 AM EDT
i have long advocated removing tax exemptions for churches and other groups. anyone who makes a profit, no matter how that profit is earned, should be subject to taxation. why should anyone who does not belong to a church be forced to subsidize the activities of that church with higher taxes resulting from the exemption granted to the church.

2 votes#2 - Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:32 AM EST.bore-head007
Sandy, I meant to comment at your last article, and the reason was this.

One must first be a Master Mason before joining groups like the Scottish Rite, the Knights Templar and the Shriners. One must be a secretly invited Shriner to be a Jester.

Let me make it clear that I support those good hearted Shriners who dedicate their retirement years to supporting their hospitals, though they now take insurance. It was, in fact, a Shriner whistleblower who contacted me six years ago and asked me to investigate his own after he and a former IRS agent identified “irregular” tax returns.

I do not support those Shriner leaders who viciously retaliate against those who question them in ways that would make Machiavelli blush.

I do not support those Shriner leaders who abuse their positions of public trust for personal gain.

Not mentioning this very important disclaimer is an oversight.

Your dogged determination is commendable.

4 votes#3 - Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:42 AM EST
Sandy Frost
Thanks for the kind words, bore-head007. Interesting name. I have included this disclaimer the past six years in various articles. One of the hard parts of being an online journalist is writing each article so it stands alone if posted to other sites but not sound like I'm repeating myself. But it's true. I have spoken with dozens of heart broken Shriners who at first do not believe what I have found. It is most dishonorable to use the elders of our society as a front so those in positions of public trust can abuse them for their private gain.

The most shocking thing is the retaliation with which whistle blowers are attacked. This is why secret societies from Freemasonry on down should not be tax exempt. There is so much corruption because they keep things secret. And they operate with this strange sense of self-entitlement.

Shriner by-laws state the Shriners are above the law of the land.

The Shriners, according to this property tax exemption decision, don't even qualify as charitable fraternity because they give so little to the hospitals.

Now that this part of my investigation has come full circle, I can now turn my focus to the PermaDerm (tm) situation. It appears that those involved submitted a fraudulent grant to the Department of Defense to get a product to market that was developed in a study so flawed the FDA shut it down. The spider web of influence makes it clear that there are some Shriners who may take out mortgages on their houses to "buy low, sell high" on the release of products developed at their hospitals.

The sex crimes are horrific, yes, but imagine there could be Shriners using inside information who work with doctors who cook the books and experiment on little burned kids to make a buck.

Stay tuned,


#3.1 - Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:32 PM EST
You have my attention and support.

1 vote#3.2 - Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:34 PM EST
Mz. Sandy: I started reading this early this morning and have constantly been interupted, but have read this whole series now. I must commend you for your ability to continue to follow up and report on this despicable group! While it is understood that all Mason/Shriner's are not guilty of this directly, the question keeps coming into my mind, why did no one come forth and expose this from within? It will continue to be a blight on the good works of the many within the groups involved, directly and indirectly until all the story has come out and all that were involved are punished for their part in the crimes against humanity! Keep up the fight and don't let up till the last one has fallen!

2 votes#4 - Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:32 PM EST
Sandy Frost
Dear crazyrooster1946, Thank you for your supportive words. I apologize for not writing sooner, and to the rest of you who have had comments unanswered for a few weeks now. Writing such an article takes a lot out of me. I have waited four years for this decision and read it about 30 times because something new jumped out each time. It took me about 50 hours to write this 2,400 word article. I didn't take the decision and rush to write about it. Actually, I was stunned. I walked around in shock, shaking my head, because the attorney for Marion County picked the Jesters apart.

I've been investigating these guys for four years and once I realized the far-reaching implications, well, I had no idea the decision would be so strong. Then I was more shocked after the IRS said they must dissolve after the Jesters were unable to prove they are tax exempt. Ultimately, this property tax denial means the Jesters submitted a fraudulent 1023 to the IRS.

To answer your question, I don't know why there is not more self-policing. Certainly, there are Jesters high up in Masonry but I've learned they don't want to report each other. The situation, as I am sure you are well aware, is that law enforcement is breathing down these guys' neck, to include the Brazilian Federal Police. I'm not sure what it will take for the grand jury in Miami to move forward and indict the guy who took the Jesters fishing in Brazil. Otherwise, U.S. investigators had a vacation as they investigated child sex tourism in Brazil. If Brazil is prosecuting this former fishing tour operator and U.S. investigators had access to the same evidence, why are things so slow?Anyway, thanks again for writing.Sandy

#4.1 - Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:05 PM EST
Great article, well done! They should have to repay all the tax too. These ratbags bring all secret societies into disrepute - which begs the question - is secrecy healthy? it is rather, always cause for suspicion. These secret societies should be investigated thoroughly and often. Every member is reprehensible, there is no excuse 'some are good guys'. There are plenty of open, transparent charities where good people can do good deeds and enjoy the camaraderie of other philanthropists. Fabulous job Sandy. At last, real jesters may claim their title back, and not cringe in shame and horror. Real jesters are truth tellers, the honest ones, the moral backbone of society, they mask the truth in jest to make it palatable, a risky business. And, they are very brave - for Kings have power, ego's and guillotines. Brave like Sandy Frost. Salute.

1 vote#5 - Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:28 AM EST.dumbfounded-3264675
Great article, well done! They should have to repay all the tax too. These ratbags bring all secret societies into disrepute - which begs the question - is secrecy healthy? it is rather, always cause for suspicion. These secret societies should be investigated thoroughly and often. Every member is reprehensible, there is no excuse 'some are good guys'. There are plenty of open, transparent charities where good people can do good deeds and enjoy the camaraderie of other philanthropists. Fabulous job Sandy. At last, real jesters may claim their title back, and not cringe in shame and horror. Real jesters are truth tellers, the honest ones, the moral backbone of society, they mask the truth in jest to make it palatable, a risky business. And, they are very brave - for Kings have power, ego's and guillotines. Brave like Sandy Frost. Salute.

1 vote#6 - Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:32 AM EST.scornwomen
Thank God for a little Justice at least for now, I hope the National News and every local newpapers where these Jester Jerks live start to publish it quickly and strike while the iron is Hot. These Jester Jerks have caused more tax burden on the general public for years, had sex with children not to mention someones Daughter, It time for the good Masons and Shriners to stand up at every Masonic Lodge, Grand Lodge and Temple and demand that every member of the 191 courts be thrown out of Masonry and Shrine. we must consider that every Dollar paid in Dues and every Dollar that they have scamed out of the public has been used for their Drinking, sex and Drugs. My god what a name this has give to their Fraternity as a whole and how they have made the tax payers look like fools.

Thanks Sandy for all your work on this, please keep informing the public and Don't let the News Media go to sleep on this or Let the politicians sweep it under the rug.

1 vote#7 - Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:15 AM EST.Former Shriners Employee
Hi Sandy - Having been exposed to the fraternity culture at Shriners, I waited every day for the other shoe to drop in terms of having the U.S. Attorney General and IRS close this shop of horrors. Many have wondered at the incredible delay in seeing justice prevail. I am encouraged by this recent ruling against the Jesters, but the magnitude of corruption is immeasurable.

I have followed your reporting and grateful for your tenacity over many years.

1 vote#8 - Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:18 PM EST.scornwomen Hello Sandy

You stated in your article that the 191 court of Jesters must now dissolve and turn over their assets and cash and may go to the Shrine Temples. Would this be like the Shriners are excepting stolen property or cash since it involves tax money and assets that cost the honest tax payer more. Seems like they should make restitution .

1 vote#9 - Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:43 PM EST
Sandy Frost
Hey, scornwoman,

Thank you for your comments.

It's more like the members pay dues and donate money to the Jesters charity (museum) and, because of the non proifit status, can deduct their donations to the "museum." I didn't explain this part and maybe I should have because the story is really about the property tax decision instead of how these guys can use their fraternity as a tax write off. I remember seeing on one tax return that one Jester leader donated $10K and, presumably, wrote it off on his own taxes.

There's got to be something wrong about this, especially since this legal loss means the deductions are now not allowed since the Jesters must now dissolve.

Certainly, if any of the wives got together to force the dissolution in a class action law suit, then they could sue for damages to their marriages. One wife is in the middle of a horrible divorce. Her husband has been arrested for hitting her and she fears for her life because he's so involved w/the Jesters. Probably more like being addicted to the thrill and the power and feeling of invincibility because their Masonic vows of secrecy and "brotherhood" will somehow protect them.

I never thought of this before but the Jesters could be nicknamed the "Masonic Mafia."
Maybe that's why I've thought for a number of years that the Jesters should be investigated and prosecuted under the RICO statutes. The precedent and patterns were established in Buffalo with the links to Jester HQ in Indianapolis.

Thanks again for your comments.


#9.1 - Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:15 AM EDT
i personally knoe a high level shriner -jester- head of board of governers for shriners childrens hospital- and i have spent 5 years finding out details and i can tell you so many details about the children at their rituals-i can tell you soo much but id rather not tell you here- as you see- the jesters-shriners are trying to keep me quiet and so i would rather tell you - then tell everyone who dont give a crap- and guess what- people dont seem to care email me at sangrailian@gmail.com or earthmother2b@gmail.com from treee- sangrailian

#10 - Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:25 AM EST.therockofages
Hate to rain on your parade but here is a fact to munch on for all of those self righteous women in the world; prostitution is generally replete with women that do so by their 'own choice'. If women are so 'equal' and 'independent', and 'all powerful', and 'dictators of their own destiny'; do us all a favor for a change? Take responsibility for your own life, your own decisions, and be accountable without 'blaming a man'. Ya'll sound like Obama.

#11 - Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:38 AM EDT
Sandy Frost

Thank you for your comments. You are correct that this is misogyny. The above article is about a property tax decision. I fail to see how you can politicize this or turn it into an attack on women in favor of sex predators and felons?

I am currently writing an article about how the media can better cover human trafficking and child sex tourism. In contrast to your view that women "choose" to be trafficked by the Jesters as prostitutes, experts say those who are trafficked never choose to be victims.

Are you saying you support prostitution and partying at tax payer expense?

Would you have supported the tax review board deciding in favor of the Jesters so the nearby property tax payers would then make up for the Jesters' property tax exemption because that's what this article is about.


#11.1 - Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:26 AM EDT
Hey Sandy

we are gald to see you back online, we have just been discussing why an organizations such as the Masons who claim to be equal in brotherhood then why do they have different by-laws, different activities, different missions , different program services and different Tax Exemptions in diffrent states. It seems it would be more organized and simple if every Maonic Lodge across the US and the world would follow the same By-laws, same rules and requlations and report to the goverment (IRS) in the same way.

Thanks and keep up the good work, we need you


1 vote#12 - Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:06 PM EDT

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