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Republican Party Logo, comments

Rotating Compass & Square

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Republican Party Logo
uploaded by Wisco February 21, 2007 at 12:58 pm
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US political party logo, fair use

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Helle (not verified)
at 14:30 on September 19th, 2008

How come the star symbols on the elefant changed 30 degrees so that now they look like pentagrams? Thats fucked up...why make them look like that???????...is ist some kind of a joke, or a statement.... and if it is...hey! freedom of speech. JUST MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING. OTHERWISE?

ps. I know greate joke bout zionists....but if u wana hear it?...Kontakt http://socialdemokraterne.dk

Otto (not verified)
at 10:46 on May 3rd, 2009

Millions of dollars are spent on such logos for organizations of this size. Developing such graphic icons is a very professional business, which is taken very seriously. Consequently, every detail of the graphic is designed with great purpose and through intense research so that every implication and social effect is well understood before the graphic is released. (The purpose of logos is social effect. Money is put out, not to buy a logo, but to buy a social effect.)

You can be assured that changing the stars in the GOP logo to pentagrams was no oversight. Given the science and the business of graphic design at this level, we can be assured that this change has two purposes.

1) It communicates an intentional message, leaving a back road to deny the fact.

2) It causes the majority members, who would strongly oppose the message and direction that has been taken, to be accomplices to something they absolutely distain, so as to morally anesthetize them step-by-step to that change. This technique is very effective in manipulating the masses in a manner wherein they hardly know what is happening.

Daniel J Hoffnagle (not verified)
at 14:59 on July 14th, 2009

The stars on the Logo are not the doings of Bush. The logo was applied for in 1993 and is a registered trademark. It is identified and clearly stated as being forward leaning... as the elephant is forward in motion. Not standing still. Granted they could have tilted it slightly less and not created it as being also upside down. I have seen it tilted only slightly. I have seen it up as a star should appear. You might want to note that more than once Hilary in her campaign displayed an American flag with the stars clearly upside down... That was the American Flag and not a privately owned Logo! To say the Republican flag represent Satin is not correct. You might want to study Freemasonry to see if the degree tilted forward is representational to that organization. If it plays a significant importance to that group signaling something of importance most of us will never understand.

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