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11 held in Ohio denied bail - Over 100 being held in St. Louis, Kansas City, New Jersey, Sacramento, and Pennsylvania - 9/11

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Jerusalem Post

28 Heshvan 5762 Wednesday November 14, 2001

Israelis held in Ohio denied bail

By Melissa Radler

NEW YORK (November 14) - Eleven Israelis being held in Ohio jails for working illegally in the US were denied bail yesterday, said an official at the consulate-general in Philadelphia.

The 11, who violated the terms of their tourist visas by working for an Israeli employer selling toys at a Cleveland mall, were arrested following a post-September 11 sweep across the US.

Up to 100 other Israelis are being held on minor visa violations throughout the country, including five who were detained in New Jersey on September 11 with box-cutters and cash and subsequently found to have overstayed their visas and worked illegally.

Their only hope for release is through a deportation order, which must be signed and approved by a federal judge, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the Justice Department.

According to Consul Rahel Feinmesser in Philadelphia, the bond hearing for the 11 was their second since they were detained last month. At the hearing, she said, a state attorney appealed a decision by a federal immigration judge to release them on bail.

"There's a law that says if there is an appeal, they cannot be released," she said. "The question is if they will be waiting for departure in jail or out of jail. We have no idea when the authorization for departure will be approved."

Last week, five Israelis were deported from the Philadelphia area after they were held for working illegally, said Feinmesser.

Israelis are also being held in St. Louis, Kansas City, New Jersey, Sacramento, and Pennsylvania.

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