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U.S. Jets Kill 10 Civilians in Northern Alliance Village by Mistake - 9/11

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U.S. Jets Hits Northern Alliance Area in Afghanistan

2001.10.28 05:58:18

Washington, October 27 (Xinhuanet) -- At least 10 people were killed Saturday when a United States fighter jet hit a northern Afghan village in the territory controlled by anti-Taliban forces.

A foreign ministry official from the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance confirmed that a U.S. bomb hit the village of Khan Agaha at the mouth of the Kapisa valley on Saturday, according to reports from Afghanistan.

An ambulance driver who went to the village, three kilometers from the Taliban frontlines northeast of the Afghan capital of Kabul, said 10 civilians were killed instantly by the bomb and at least another six injured.

The misguided strike occurred during the heaviest day of U.S. bombing on the frontlines of the Taliban north of Kabul.

In day-long raids Saturday, U.S. warplanes dropped up to 35 bombs at the mouth of Kapisa valley, 80 kilometers northeast of Kabul, and near Bagram airbase, about 40 kilometers north of the capital.

The United States has insisted that its forces are going exclusively for military targets in the Afghan campaign against terrorists, whom it blames for the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. The American military has previously acknowledged bombs going astray and causing some civilian casualties. Enditem

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