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Britain says no evidence linking Iraq to attacks - 9/11

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Wednesday October 10, 9:55 PM

Britain says no evidence linking Iraq to attacks

AL SHA'AFA, Oman (Reuters) - Britain said on Wednesday it had no evidence linking Iraq to last month's attacks on the United States, dampening speculation that Washington might target Baghdad in its war on terrorism.

A British government official travelling with Prime Minister Tony Blair said no other country would be attacked without "absolute evidence" that it sponsored terrorism, and without the widest international support for military action.

"We have no evidence that links the Iraqi regime with the events of September 11," the official told reporters. On Monday, Washington's ambassador to the United Nations John Negroponte surprised some allies by saying the military campaign might yet widen from Afghanistan to "other states".

Hawks in the U.S. administration are reported to have advocated attacking Iraq in the campaign, which was prompted by last month's attacks on New York and Washington.

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