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President Abraham Lincoln's Assassination and Freemasonry

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It Was Johnson
The Crown in the Capitol

In 1957 Ray A. Neff of Gibbsboro, New Jersey, walked into Leary's Bookshop in Philadelphia and purchased a faded, second-hand book for fifty cents. Unbeknownst to Neff, inside that dusty military journal was a profound and stunning confession from the grave of a Union General and traitor, Lafayette Baker.

Booth was not alone, and according to Gen Baker, did indeed survive.

And as late as 1977, the FBI, did in fact investigate the issue of JOHN WILKES BOOTH and his possible survival. Recently the Bureau released 184 pages in PDF format, Booth 1, Booth 2, Booth 3, Booth 4. According to the FBI,

"These records contain correspondence dated 1922-23 of William J. Burns, former Director of the Bureau of Investigation, concerning a theory that Booth lived many years after the assassination of President Lincoln. Also included are the results of a 1948 examination by the FBI Laboratory of a boot said to be worn by Booth on the night of the assassination and a 1977 examination of a diary belonging to Booth."

On January 23, 1923, William J. Burns, by then the acting director of the Department of Justice wrote "I have gone over with considerable interest the volume entitled "The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth" by Finis L. Bates of Memphis, Tennessee...The work contains very strong evidence in support of the old belief that Booth did escape and live many years after the assassination of President Lincoln..."  (see page 12, booth1.pdf )

UPDATE: OCTOBER 29, 1998, 21:42 EST

From AP: Army To Reconsider 1865 Conviction

LEFT: A war-weary Abraham Lincoln, in one of his last portraits

SAGINAW, Mich. (AP) — The Army was ordered Thursday to reconsider the conviction of a doctor who treated John Wilkes Booth after he assassinated President Lincoln.

Dr. Samuel Mudd was sent to prison 133 years ago for helping Booth escape. Mudd's grandson, 97-year-old Dr. Richard Mudd of Saginaw, sued last year to have Mudd's conviction overturned.

Federal Judge Paul Friedman in Washington, D.C., sent the case back to the Army on Thursday. Friedman said the Army's recent rulings against the request were arbitrary.

The morning after Booth shot Lincoln in the head at Ford's Theater, he came to Mudd's home in Maryland seeking treatment for the leg he broke while jumping from the president's box onto the stage.  What happened after that is in dispute. A military commission convicted Mudd in 1865 of aiding Booth in his escape. Mudd said he did not know of Lincoln's assassination and failed to recognize Booth, a popular actor.

Federal troops killed Booth 11 days after Mudd put a cast on his leg. Mudd was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson, but his conviction was not overturned.

Richard Mudd argues that his grandfather, a civilian, was entitled to a civil trial. In 1992, the Army Board for Correction of Military Records concluded the military tribunal lacked jurisdiction at the time and recommended the conviction be set aside.

Army leaders twice rejected the recommendation, ruling the military tribunal had proper constitutional authority and that the jurisdictional question had been rejected during the doctor's lifetime.

ABOVE: Execution of Lincoln Assassination conspirators.

Why did Mudd's case take 133 years for the mere consideration of a civilian trial he was entitled to?  because it would prove Booth indeed survived, through traitors in the military and Lincoln's cabinet. It should be noted that an admitted conspirator, Union Gen. Lafayette Baker, knew they could only control the outcome of the trial by forcing a military tribunal. A civilian trial would've exposed the fact that the man killed by Scott Corbett was not John Wilkes Booth at all-- which is why Booth's body was never photographed or accessible to the defense.  Indeed, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, fingered by Gen. Baker, further implicated himself by hiding the key to Booth's alleged tomb and 18 pages from his diary in the days leading up to the assassination. 

"I have gone over with considerable interest the volume entitled "The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth" by Finis L. Bates of Memphis, Tennessee...The work contains very strong evidence in support of the old belief that Booth did escape and live many years after the assassination of President Lincoln..." 

January 23, 1923, William J. Burns, former Director Federal Bureau of Investigation, whom was by then the acting director of the Justice Department

Reward Offered for the Apprehension of John W. Booth and Accomplices, and a Page from Booth's Diary, Dated April 14, 1865. Notably absent are two key accomplices, the man offering the reward, Secretary of War Edwin R. Stanton, and President Andrew Johnson


Both diaries, Bakers and Booth's, gave parallel accounts of the assassination. Both implicated, even boasted of a secret government council (the Scottish Rite) which in the interests of the British Crown has bound a nation, the United States of America, for over a century. (Gen. Baker's coded diaries, incidentally, were written in the margins of a British military journal; Colburn's United Service Magazine/Naval and Military Journal.)  The coded book, its messages written in a sliding cipher, revealed that the true killers were led by Lincoln's most trusted military advisor in the Civil War: Edwin McMasters Stanton. About seven years later, the modus operandi described in that book was revisited in the Kennedy assassination. The infamous Lincoln and Kennedy parallels, for instance, are uncanny until you realize it was a ritual, copycat murder-- literally, and performed by the same secret society of traitors. The Lincoln and Kennedy murders were both bipartisan masonic coups; and the masterminds in both assassinations belonged to the same Scottish Rite; which in turn, is controlled by Great Britain, the English Crown.

This aforementioned international secret society, the largest, has its headquarters temple in Washington DC, and curiously, it presently houses the crypt of Confederate Gen. Albert Pike, a Tennessee Ku Klux Klan Chief Judicial Officer, Imperial Wizard and 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Sovereign Grand Commander.

Much like we would see in 1963 in the Kennedy assassination; in 1865 at least two newspapers would publish highly detailed stories of the Lincoln assassination several hours before it ever took place. Moreover, in 1868 Lafayette Baker would confess in his coded diary that at least three newspaper publishers were involved, through blood money and disinformation, in the plot to kill Lincoln. Thus we move from the publishers' lucky premonition to outright foreknowledge and complicity. This, too, was a betrayal of the public's trust which the mass media repeated in 1963, but continues to maintain-- particularly through the New York Times (JFK) and the Los Angeles Times (RFK).

>As Anton Chaitkin wrote in the New Republic:

"A striking instance of the Confederate 'Lost Cause,' persisting and haunting the present century, is to be seen in the attic of The New York Times.   Iphigenie Ochs married Arthur Hays Sulzberger in 1917. He succeeded her father Adolphe Ochs as publisher of The Times, which Mr. Ochs had bought in the 1890s. Adolphe Ochs and his father founded the "Baroness Erlanger" Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The hospital was named for John Slidell’s daughter who married the Confederacy’s chief financier Baron Emil Erlanger...Adolphe Ochs had married Iphigenie Wise, the daughter of B’nai B’rith’s Cincinnati leader Isaac Wise..."

In Kennedy's case, intelligence agents in Russia read Soviet accounts of the Dallas ambush several hours before the hit took ever took place. By December, 1966, the KGB would finally determine Kennedy's true murderer, and they concluded it was Lyndon Johnson. With the murders of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968; that conclusion was fully vindicated.

The KGB Conclusion: It Was Johnson

Concealed by the Scottish Rite for More Than Three Decades

Mission Viejo, CA: The Los Angeles Times (Aug. 22, 1997, pg. A3) reported that the South Orange Community College District canceled a seminar featuring speakers who believe that a conspiracy was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Who was responsible for the cancellation? The Anti-Defamation League, a right-wing "civil rights" front for the Scottish Rite. Even though the House Select Committee on Assassinations, since 1978, came to the same conclusion when they decided that Oswald could not and did not act alone; the ADL is now suddenly reviving the long debunked, lone nut drivel of the Warren Commission-- which was itself a commission of Scottish Rite freemasons-- including Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, Commission spokesman Gerald Ford, and former CIA director Allen Dulles.

During the Time in Question, Lafayette Baker's Allusions to Shakespeare Were a Common Site in Harper's Weeky 

Harpers Weekly political cartoons 1866-1870 lampooning Andrew Johnson, perceived as a traitor and conspirator in the Lincoln assassination. 

(Click images for enlargements)

Top Left: Reconstruction and How it Works. Top Right: Time Works Wonders.  Lower Left: Romeo and Mercurio.  Lower Right: The Political Death of a Bogus Caesar. 

Baker's decoded confession in Colburn's United Service Magazine, an English military journal, was dated February 5, 1868 and read as follows:
"I am constantly being followed. They are professionals. I cannot fool them. In new Rome there walked three men, a Judas, a Brutus and a spy. Each planned that he should be king when Abraham should die. One trusted not the other but they went on for that day, waiting for the final moment when, with pistol in his hand, one of the sons of Brutus could sneak behind that cursed man and put a bullet in his brain and lay his clumsey [sic] corpse away. As the fallen man lay dying, Judas came and paid respects to the one he hated, and when at last he saw him die, he said 'Now the ages have him and the nation now have I' But alas, fate would have it Judas slowly fell from grace, and with him went Brutus down to their proper place. But lest one is left to wonder what happened to the spy, I can safely tell you this, it was I."
It was signed Lafayette C. Baker. And he wasn't as safe as he thought. Numerous attempts would be made on his life until he was finally poisoned with arsenic in 1868.

In fear for his life, Gen. Baker wrote the aforementioned confession before he was fatally poisoned with arsenic in 1868. If someone today could forge this confession, he would have to learn two different ciphers, and then invent a time machine, because he would have to perform the deed no later than October 1872. The book itself is referred to in a Philadelphia probate hearing held October 14 and 15, 1872; when William Carter testified that Lafayette Baker gave him an English military journal in the days before he died, which Carter tried to decipher but couldn't, even though he was familiar with codes from his days in the National Detective Police during the Civil War.

Carter also testified that he saw Baker writing his coded memoirs in the margins of numerous books; the same which were the subject of the hearing, and that Baker tried to give him about a dozen boxes of books and papers.

When John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln, he was already famous for playing in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", and the allusion to Booth is obvious-- he's "one of the sons of Brutus". Johnson, who was in possession of a letter from Booth before the assassination, is also one of the the "sons".  Judas was Edwin Stanton-- Lincoln's Secretary of War, whom at the moment Lincoln died, actually did say "Now the ages have him and the nation now have I."

To appreciate just how many parallels there are between the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations, let's start off with the most well known. Then let us move on to the lesser known parallels that betray a masonic ritual murder-- a centennial, Scottish Rite ritual murder-- a 33rd degree "king killing."

The Black Hand-- the Original Mafia, and Today's Red Hand in N. Ireland

It was Serb freemasons in the Black Hand, the precursor of the Mafia, who launched World War I in 1914 when they convinced Gavrillo Princip to assassinate the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in the streets of Sarajevo. Archduke Ferdinand's crime? From the mason's perspective, he was a Roman Catholic and heir to the Austrian throne.

During the trial of Archduke Ferdinand's killer, Gavrillo Princep testified that his colleague, Ciganovich, "told me he was a freemason" and "on another occaison told me that the Heir Apprent had been condemned to death by a freemason's lodge."  Moreover, another of the accused assassins, Chabrinovitch, testified that Major Tankositch, one of the plotters, was a freemason. *

The Black Hand was the original Mafia, or La Cosa Nostra. And the Italian Luciferian freemason who created their blood rituals and secret oath, the omerta, was the Carbonari/Illuminati freemason Giuseppe Mazzini; the recipient of Pike's August 15, 1871 letter in which outlined three world wars to prepare the way for a New World Order.

The Black Codes


Harper's Weekly Lampoon "Andrew Johnson Returns to his First Love." A revealing take on his civil rights policies can be seen in the right store window pane with the sign "colored kids for sale".  One of President Johnson's first acts as president was a veto of the Civil Rights Act in April, 1866.  It was in April, too, that Johnson invited Albert Pike to the White House, whereupon he was conferred the title of 32nd degree Scottish Rite freemason. 

Designed to guarantee equal rights to Negroes, the Civil Rights Act of the Radical Republicans  hoped to nullify the repressive Black Codes adopted to by Southern states to deny economic and political power to blacks.  This legacy of terror and discrimination would last over a hundred years.

Today a pro-British paramilatary  group derivative of the freemasonic Black Hand, the Red Hand, was recently  founded by Orangemen freemasons in Northern Ireland.  The Red Hand has an objective that remains one and the same with the previous masonic order, the Black Hand-- it is to divide Christianity by asserting Protestantism, and by extention Martin Luther himself, advocated and practiced the same freemasonry he detested.  But is this really a battle between Catholicism and Protestantism?  No one but the freemason appeals to this argument, no one does more  to pit these two forces against one another to weaken the Body of Christ. This is in keeping with those who had crucified Christ, and would do it again....

In America, for instance,  most Protestants, Baptists and all Catholics oppose freemasonry as subversive to Christianity.  The exceptions are the Mormons and Jehova's Witnesses, both created by freemasons, York Rite (Joseph Smith) and Scottish Rite, (Thomas Russell).   In the Scottish Rite, the 18th degree initiate is asked to trample the cross underfoot as a form of denial and contempt.  (The KKK, created by the same Rite, exceeds this blasphemy by burning the cross itself in homage to its Templar, anti-Christian heritage.)  Interestingly, the Jehova's Witnesses share something in common with the Scottish Rite, in keeping with their founder.  In the teachings of the Jehova's Witnesses, a similiar denial of the cross is taught early on.  New members are taught that Jesus died on a stake, not a cross, their leaders obviously adverse to very symbolism of the Christian cross. And both the Mormons and JWs either rewrote the Scriptures, or present alternate versions of the same; such as the Book of Mormon, which Smith proclaimed more correct than the Bible itself.

All of which is to say, whether you call yourself a Protestant, a Catholic, a Jew, a Baptist; freemasonry is a practice condemned by both the law of Moses and Christianity.  Yet the same people who claim it is justified and condoned by both, you'll notice, are the same freemasons who burn crosses to terrify a fellow American, the same who piously march into Catholic enclaves-- an open Bible before them-- merely to instigate sectarion rioting. These are  the same hypocrites who built the concentration camps to honor Christ with the blood of women and children.

The battle in Northern Ireland is not one between the Protestant and Catholic. It is between the Catholic and the freemason, the freemason who represents the British interests.  And these British interests, alas, include certain extremist, right-wing factions in Israel.  These are the same people that killed one recent Jewish Prime Minister, a man of God who was the first to make a serious attempt at  peace with PLO; a brave and beloved  peacemaker that came before the present right-wing scourge, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Red Hand

Terrorist Offspring of the Black Hand/Orange Order

Rosemary Nelson

On the Recent Assassination of Human Rights Attorney Rosemary Nelson

On March 15, 1999 in Lurgan,  Northern Ireland, a car bomb exploded under the car of Rosemary Nelson as she drove away from home.  An outlawed anti-Catholic group, the Red Hand Defenders, claimed responsibility for the attack in a call to the British Broadcasting Network.  Nelson represented Catholic clients in several high-profile cases-- in particular she represented the residents of Garvaghy Road in Portadown in their dispute with the Orange Order, a fiercely masonic "Protestant" group that has insisted on marching down the predominantly Catholic road each July. For centuries, the Orangemen have come under the cruel delusion that Protestantism is synonymous with freemasonry.   Their claim of Protestantism, however, serves a purpose.  It protects an otherwise small group of instigators by asserting itself to a be a part of, and defender of, a religious establishment that neither justifies it or recognizes it formally.  The rituals and secret initiations of British freemasonry are Jewish in origin.  Moreover, because these orders appeal to spirit channeling and other forms cabalistic sorcercy, IT IS NOT AND NEVER WAS CONDONED BY THE LAW OF MOSES, nor Christianity.  In fact, Martin Luther's infamous call to burn down the synagogues of Jews who refused to convert to Christianty were rooted in his contempt for Jewish sorcery.

Later that night, the scene of the car bomb explosion would erupt into sectarian rioting...

On March 18, following a night of more sectarian rioting in Portadown, N. Ireland; thousands of mourners would line the streets for her funeral procession.  And let no one fool you.  The Red Hand itself would not exist without the Orange Order.

*Mary Edith Durham, The Sarajevo Crime, London, George Allyn and Unwinn, Ltd., 1925, pgs. 85, 86

Andrew Johnson: The Civil Rights Act and the 14th Amendment Passed in Spite of Him

"I gathered that he [Pike] was the superior of the President in Masonry. I understood from the meeting that the president was his subordinate in Masonry...."

Gen. Gordon Granger's testimony before Judiciary Committee during Andrew Johnson's impeachment, when asked to disclose the substance of a conversation between himself, Albert Pike, and President Johnson.

"Don't wish to disturb you. Are you at home? J. Wilkes Booth." 

In an act that would haunt Andrew Johnson during his impeachment trial; just seven hours before Lincoln's assassination, John Wilkes Booth left a note at Vice President Andrew Johnson's residence that read "Don't wish to disturb you. Are you at home? J. Wilkes Booth." 

Shortly after his impeachment investigation began, Albert Pike and Gen. Gordon Granger met with President Andrew Johnson for some three hours at the White House. Soon afterwards, when Granger was summoned  before the Judiciary Committee, he was asked to disclose the substance of that conversation with the president.  Granger testified:

"They [President Johnson and Pike] talked a great deal about Masonry. More about that than anything else.. And from what they talked about between them, I gathered that he [Pike] was the superior of the President in Masonry. I understood from the meeting that the president was his subordinate in Masonry...."

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