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Le Figaro: The new power of the Freemasons | Le nouveau pouvoir des francs-maçons

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The new power of the Freemasons


By Vincent Nouzille

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Freemasonry HAS 150,000 members

Freemasonry HAS 150,000 members. Photo credits:. LIFE / C. BOISSEAUX / LAVIE-REA

The return to power of the Socialists, after ten years of absence, is great news for the Masonic allegiances, foremost among them the Grand Orient of France, which along well again affect the political debate. But discreetly ... Decryption.

"We want to rebuild the school of the Republic. And we want to rebuild the Republic by the school! "In the evening of November 16, standing behind the desk of the speaker, in the great temple Groussier the Grand Orient de France (GO), the Paris headquarters of obedience, Rue Cadet (Paris IX), Vincent Peillon , the Minister of Education, knows that the audience consists mainly of Freemasons, is acquired. Without notes, a philosopher by training calls for thirty minutes to return a Republican spiritual power - that of knowledge and a certain "secular morality" - that teachers are the messengers. "The school must overcome the crisis and the future of national identity," says the minister passionately. In the temple, brothers and sisters listen earnestly talking of a "profane" going to the right heart. Without being a Freemason, Vincent Peillon has written extensively on the thought of Ferdinand Buisson, the right arm of brother Jules Ferry, the father of public education in France, and Pierre Leroux, a Mason defender of fraternal socialist and spiritualist in the years 1848-1870. "Peillon shares our values, it is a mason without apron" is one of the delighted guests this evening.

 Vincent Peillon, invited the Grand Orient

Vincent Peillon, invited the Grand Orient, November 16, 2012 Photo credits:. JOHN ERICK Pasquier

According to the Minister, other speakers, including two former Grand Master of the GO, Patrick Kessel and Jean-Michel Quillardet, sing lyrical verses on the merits of secularism, welcoming the new life came from the Rue de Grenelle since May. As Inspector of Education, Alain Seksig himself affiliated with GO, pleads his side to a teacher training secularism. "Mr. Minister, do not give in on the principles," says to finish the current Grand Master of the GO, Jose Gulino, before closing the session, delighted with this outstanding conference. Vincent Peillon is not the only personality left and appear to GO, returned obedience flagship French masonry in recent months. Including GO expects the visit rue Cadet, December 9, Claude Bartolone, President of the National Assembly. About the one who presents himself as an outsider - but many brothers see it as one of their supporters - will probably be appreciated. Small telling detail: During his election to roost in June, thirty deputies "insiders" have been mobilized in the last hours. Behind the scenes fabiusien Philippe Guglielmi elected Romainville, head of the federation PS Seine-Saint-Denis, earth election Bartolone, and former Grand Master of the GO (1997 to 1999), maneuvered to promote the election of his friend. "I do not belie," laughs the affable giant when asked about this episode.

The Grand Orient, far to the left, finding colors

The left returned to power, the Freemasons pavoisent. For Philippe Guglielmi, no doubt, it is time to recapture. "We missed a lot of appointments in recent years on issues of secularism and the fight against the far right, it's time to react," he says. Elected Grand Master of the GO in September, for a short period of one year, Jose Gulino, a strong socialist Pas-de-Calais is on the line. He makes no secret of his desire to influence politics whatever the topic of gay marriage to the draft banking law, reform of the state to the institutions. He even wants to send "list of grievances" Republican elected.

"Specifically, the GO scores," says Patrice Hernu, host club obediential international dialogue and French Democracy, which tried unsuccessfully to organize debates with all candidates during the presidential campaign. GO has managed to torpedo, preferring to make the Rue Cadet candidates come ...

Naturally, this comeback is not the same force in 1981, when the election of François Mitterrand. At the time, the pillars of the team Mitterrand - Charles Hernu Pierre Joxe - were "brothers three points" and the Grand Master of the GO, Roger Leray, called ministers directly to the phone to give her instructions. "This era is over and the political influence of Freemasons, after peaking in the Third Republic has continued to decline," says historian Roger Dachez, president of the Masonic Institute of France. The abandonment of the general public service unified education project after massive demonstrations in favor of the free school in 1984, has dampened the brothers. François Mitterrand, who trained at the Marist Fathers, has finally hardly complied with the requirements of denominations.

Jacques Chirac, grand-son of a venerable lodge GO was more sensitive to the ideas espoused in the Masons. His successor Nicolas Sarkozy, meanwhile, blew hot and cold against brothers: his soaring campaign in 2007, citing historical figures of the Republic, were partly inspired by Alain Bauer , former Grand Master GO 2000 to 2003, however, his speech Lateran (2008), Grenoble (2010) and those of the last presidential borrowed more to Catholic register his advisor Patrick Buisson. "We had good contacts with Sarkozy with Bauer, but the return of the themes of the hard right could only displease us," says Jean-Michel Quillardet.

Grand Orient of France, Freemasonry

Claude Bartelone, a friend of the brothers Photo credits:. Sébastien SORIANO / LE FIGARO / Sebastian SORIANO / LE FIGARO

With Holland, the Freemasons feel more comfortable. "It's true, we take a little air," says the former Socialist Minister of Employment Jean Le Garrec, brother and chairman of GO Ramadier Circle, which brings together nearly 1,500 Masons left. Host of the Alliance cities employment, which includes elected officials on this issue, Le Garrec recently toured ministers friends - Michel Sapin, Marylise Lebranchu, Benoît Hamon - and it emerged confident: "We understand that the crisis is deep, we need to change our ways of thinking, which is why we want this reflection on the state or the economy, "he said, confident in the abilities of François Hollande.

The President may rely in turn on the support of GO and the majority of its 52,000 members. While Segolene Royal and Martine Aubry, considered remote, annoyed in the boxes, Holland reassuring. The candidate of the PS was also came "floor" Rue Cadet 22 November 2011. A very pleasant visit. The presence of many brothers and sisters in the president's entourage reinforces this favorable climate. During his campaign, Holland was assisted by the faithful, some of whom, like Jean-Marie Cambacérès technocrat promotion Voltaire and François Rebsamen, senator and mayor of Dijon, are brothers. Its current political advisor, Aquilino Morelle, was introduced to GO, a rumor that it sweeps with amusement: "I have never been initiated, if not by some young women, there are unfortunately already too long .. . "Christophe Chantepy, the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, is also part of the brothers. Asked on the subject, he did not react.

A half-dozen ministers are masons, without admitting

Among the members of the government, a dozen are suspected Freemasons, but only less than half of them admit to spell. Some do not respond as Marylise Lebranchu, Stéphane Le Foll and Alain Vidal. Other formally deny such Labour Minister Michel Sapin, although it is in line with the ideals of the lodges, and Benoît Hamon, George Pau-Langevin or Michèle Delaunay. For his part, Frédéric Cuvillier, Minister for Transport, close to the GO says he "can not answer" to questions on the subject. Initiated long, Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Defence Minister, is satisfied with a "no comment" diplomatic, not wishing to speak on his "personal beliefs." Victorin Lurel same response, Minister for Overseas member of GO. As for Jerome Cahuzac, which recognizes participate in "required" and that several sources attest GO membership in this obedience, he replied nicely in a very Masonic formula: "The courtesy, and even the spirit of chivalry, requires do not deny nor confirm. "

More surprisingly, the radical left Anne-Marie Escoffier, Deputy Minister for Decentralisation, well known to the Grand Lodge of France Women (GLFF), dodge the issue by declaring us first it feels "not competent to answer that question, "before saying she did not wish to comment! On the other hand, Manuel Valls is one of the few to take his past affiliation. His entourage confirmed its initiation in 1988, the Grand Orient and attendance boxes until 1996. "He then left Freemasonry, lack of time and interest," says one of his advisers.

Grand Orient of France, Freemasonry

Manuel Valls and Jean-Yves Le Drian, two government insiders Photo credits:. Jean-Christophe MARMARA / Le Figaro

But the importance of the masonry is measured not only in the number of ministers insiders, the list may not be complete or official. It is also a matter of networks of key personnel in departments or in Parliament. "The influence of masons is developing diffuse capillary, because we found a lot of brothers in ministerial offices, government and politics," said Emmanuel Pierrat initiated GO and co-author with Lawrence Kupferman lawyer What France is the Freemasons ... and it should not their (First Editions, 2012). Result of collusion born in the boxes, the flow of information and exchange of small services. The required solidarity and Masonic secret (see box page 40) shared the Freemasons feed, therefore, some unseen cronyism, often at the expense of secular, without these key influence. Although introduced in the circles on the left, the GO has in this area, a few steps ahead.

The Ministries of Interior and Defense, two masons fiefs

Rue de Grenelle, seen, Vincent Peillon is inspired by the ideas espoused in the boxes. One of his closest political advisers, Marc Mancel, who officiates alongside George Pau-Langevin, the Minister responsible for Educational Success, be a member of GO. Among other "brothers" influential National Education, is also the former president Christian Forestier, who was chief of staff Jack Lang Department from 2000 to 2002. General director of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts and a member of the High Council of Education, he co-chaired the steering committee of school timetables established by Luc Chatel and he was appointed in July of the four leaders of the consultation on school by Vincent Peillon.

Place Beauvau, Manuel Valls is in line with a government where membership in lodges is deemed to accelerate careers. "Under the Empire, 90% of police commissioners were Masons. This proportion decreased to about 10% today, "said Alain Bauer, a criminologist by profession and co-authored numerous books on masonry. When Nicolas Sarkozy led the Ministry of the Interior, he just uses "light" Bauer's brother, appointed in 2003 chairman of the orientation of the National Observatory of crime. Claude Gueant, considered closer to the French National Grand Lodge (GLNF), spiritual obedience, was no exception to this rule Place Beauvau, relying when necessary on Masonic networks, including within the police unions and the police headquarters in Paris.

Manuel Valls, assisted by his counsel Yves Colmou, another insider GO can count on his Masonic past to strengthen its base. "He did not need to assert its political authority," suggests one of his advisers. But one of his best friends, once crossed youth rocardiens remains Alain Bauer, with whom he continues to make regular tips. The appointment of Renaud Vedel, former right hand of the Prefect of Police of Paris Michel Gaudin, as deputy chief of staff Valls, is not unrelated to the support he received from Bauer. The latter, expert, says: "Freemasonry has little real power, however, it has a large capacity for resistance. It can derail almost everything! "

The climate is similar to the Ministry of Defence, where allegiances are involved, traditionally, brawls fiefdoms. "It's hard to deny the Masonic influence Hotel de Brienne, ministry headquarters," laughs the insider Patrice Hernu, son of former minister Mitterrand. The arrival of Jean-Yves Le Drian and his chief of staff Cédric Lewandowski, two brothers, the Ministry has set tongues wagging in the boxes. Cédric Lewandowski has an extensive network built up over his career he has, among others, worked as an advisor to the Socialist group in the Assembly, Special Adviser to the brother MP Christian Pierret, Chief of Staff's brother Jean-Jacques Queyranne in the city of Lyon, the parliamentary assistant and collaborator Defence Minister Alain Richard, Chief of Staff of the President of EDF's brother François Roussely, and member of the working group on strategic research in 2007 led by the brother Alain Bauer . A very Masonic CV - that the applicant did not comment - which partly explains his appointment as the right arm of Jean-Yves Le Drian!

The Big East took control of the parliamentary Fraternal

The Big East can boast especially very strong in Parliament over. Historically controlled by the GO, parliamentary Fraternal called Frapar, which includes 410 members of all faiths, including 150 deputies and senators (two-thirds left) was recovered in 2009 by the GLNF obedience rival, thanks to election to the presidency of Bernard Saugey UMP senator Isere. Under his leadership, the Frapar was a little awake, laying its official status and multiplying transpartisanes hearings, including bioethics or the end of life. The three-year term of office of Saugey and the arrival of a left-wing majority in the Senate and the National Assembly have signaled the end of an era UMP-GLNF. GO did everything to recover the presidency of this policy very fraternal. A battle won discreetly. At the general meeting on 13 November, PS North MP, Christian Bataille, GO member, who had led the Frapar was elected president, with five lead voice, face Pascale Crozon, MP PS Rhone.

Intermediate at the confluence of the lodges and PS

Behind the scenes, several former parliamentarians have pushed some votes. Among them, the septuagenarian Guy Lengagne GO member, officially retired in Boulogne-sur-Mer. "It bothered me a little vis-à-vis a prominent woman, but I am enabled to Battle," says the former Minister of the Sea of ??Mitterrand. More valiant than ever, the centrist former senator Henri Caillavet, which cuts through its 99 years, has written at the same time his colleagues Frapar to encourage them to resume fighting. "We live in revolutionary times almost pleaded nonagenarian. We change society. (...) Without doubt, the Fraternal organize debates to try, despite philosophical and political opposition, a text collecting as much as possible many of our friends. I think of energy, social injustice and the need to return to a more fair and equal. "A true work program ...

Moreover, the composition of the new office Frapar resulted in dosages of scholars, so that it includes the Socialist deputies Pascale Crozon, Pascal Terrasse, Olivier Dussopt, Brigitte Bourguignon, Odile Saugues the Socialist Senator and Senator Claude Domeizel PS Michèle André. Small folding seats have still been left two UMP senators, Sophie Joissains, elected in the Bouches-du-Rhone, and Christophe André Frassa representing French nationals abroad.

Another discreet contained in this fraternal organization initiated: it is Alain Simon, under the college officials. This unknown man is at the crossroads of several areas of the left and Freemasonry: former cabinet ministers Pierre Mauroy and Christian Pierret, deputy secretary of the Socialist group in the National Assembly from 1995 to 1997, now Comptroller General Bercy Alain Simon is a member of the Circle Ramadier. It is also one of 35 members of the Council of the Order of GO, ie its steering committee. Many insiders predict it will rue Cadet candidate in September 2013 to take over as Grand Master Jose Gulino. Close to the government, Alain Simon can already count on some heavyweights GO to his election.

Meanwhile the rise of Alain Simon, other intermediaries are active. Alain Bauer who lost the role of intermediary between the Freemasons and the power he held under Sarkozy is Philippe Guglielmi, head of socialist Seine-Saint-Denis, who officiates in competition with the secular Jean Glavany. He brought in the former Grand Master PS Guy Arcizet in office until September. Claude Bartolone friend and himself a member of the parliamentary Fraternal - as a former deputy Elisabeth Guigou - Guglielmi has closely monitored the election of Christian Bataille. With another former Grand Master Patrick Kessel, he also prepared the arrival of François Hollande Cadet Street in November 2011. The statements made on site by the Socialist candidate for the entrenchment of the 1905 Act were not surprised Guglielmi and his comrades they had partly unmanned ... However, this promise is far from being held.

The entrenchment of the 1905 law problem

Freemasonry has allies. But it does not have all the powers. Secretly received in October by the Secretary General of the Elysee Pierre-René Lemas, thanks to the intervention of Jean Glavany Jose Gulino and some dignitaries of GO have been argue that the entrenchment of the 1905 law faced two obstacles . Legal First: it is difficult to include in the constitution a text flowing in stone the separation of church and state and provides for exceptions as the Concordat of Alsace-Moselle. Then Policy: Challenging the arrangement would be to offend many voters and elected officials in the regions concerned.

But the Elysee already fears that the territorial elections of 2014 are a Berezina to the left in power ... "We must help the president to understand that we can overcome these obstacles," argues Gerard Contremoulin a socialist brother GO, formerly close brother Mélenchon, an ardent defender of the project. However, the Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, said at the inauguration of the Grand Mosque in Strasbourg on 27 September that the government remained committed to the bankruptcy regime. In short: the entrenchment of the draft law of 1905 will struggle to emerge, even if Jose Gulino continues to believe urbi et orbi.

However, lodges feel invigorated by other ongoing battles. That "marriage for all" part of it. Promoters - in the name of equality - of the opening of rights for same-sex couples, some denominations are willing to support the bill on the subject. Left to do some bidding. The statements of Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, early November, treating gay marriage "hoax" In particular triggered the wrath of GO.

Hegemonic temptations GO annoy allies

When traveling abroad, Jose Gulino immediately dictated a statement denouncing "the backward and obscurantist positions" and "violent and hateful amalgam" of the President of the Conference of Bishops of France. Boomerang effect: the very anticlerical press initially chagrined ... Masonic other faiths, who were hoping for a little more dialogue! "GO has a hegemonic temptation, with its entry in the political world reinforce this point very clearly," laments does one in several denominations. "Religions have the right to express their views. And we too, but not the curse, "says his side Catherine Jeannin-Naltet, Great Mistress of the GLFF. Once these quarrels dissipated, it is likely that the brothers and sisters more activists take to the streets to reinforce the camp of supporters of gay marriage. They should also be mobilized to support projects on safe accompany the end of life, to go beyond the strict provisions of the 2005 Act Leonetti. The government of Jean-Marc Ayrault told a mission on the subject to Professor Didier Sicard, former president of the National Consultative Ethics Committee. Support this development, lodges GO of GLFF and Human Right have worked on this issue. "We sent our text except euthanasia Professor Sicard and parliamentarians," says Jacques Samouelian, President of the Human Right, satisfied with the initial positive reactions. The brothers of the Grand Lodge of France (GLDF) also shared their thoughts on that right. These denominations are less noisy than the GO, but almost as effective ... -


"Paris, masonic capital

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