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La Presse: Jean Charest aurait rencontré Tony Accurso trois fois

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La Presse

Jean Charest have met three times Tony Accurso

September 5, 2014

Daphne Cameron
La Presse

Jean Charest, Tony Accurso, Thomas Mulcair, Charbonneau Commission

Press got another shot (which was not aired yesterday at the Charbonneau Commission) on which you can see Jean Charest, Tony Accurso and Thomas Mulcair.

Despite their proximity in the photo shown on Charbonneau Committee yesterday, Tony Accurso and Jean Charest have no bond of friendship, said the spokesman for the former premier of Quebec.

"Contrary to what the photo shows, they are not close, it is seen three times in their lives," said Gregory Larroque, Councillor Jean Charest in the firm McCarthy Tétrault, where he now works.

As for the dedication, Mr. Larroque says Jean Charest signed "thousands" like that in his political career. "I think Mr. Charest is a little steeper than Mr. Accurso," said Mr. Larroque.

The photo was taken when Jean Charest was leader of the opposition in 2001. The cocktail party was organized for the campaign of former Liberal cabinet minister Thomas Mulcair in the riding of Chomedey, Mr. Larroque said. It was held at the restaurant ONYX, owned Accurso.

Press tries to react Jean Charest last week. We asked again if it was possible to talk to him in person. Mr. Larroque reported that Mr. Charest did not intend to comment on the photo publicly.

Reaction Thomas Mulcair

We have sent the photo to NDP leader through its communications service, which was not able to provide the context in which the photograph was taken. "Meeting people is an integral part of the life of an elected official. So there are thousands of pictures of politicians with different people that it is impossible to know all the activities. With public life of over 25 years, the Leader of the Opposition is no exception to the rule, "said Veronique Breton, attached press the NDP caucus.

Mr. Mulcair was a member of the Quebec Liberal Party in Chomedey from 1994 to 2007 before taking the plunge into federal politics.

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