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Guardian Letters: Influence of Masonry among Television Program Producers at Granada TV

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Masonic dodge

Monday 10 December 2012


Reading your interview with Denis Forman (8 December) brought back many memories of my time on World in Action. He's right about Granada being a "community and an organisation that was unique". That said, the programme on freemasonry that Stephen Moss refers to was, in fact, never transmitted. I was its director/producer. In one way it illustrates the autonomy of World in Action that it was completed without the knowledge of Sidney Bernstein or, more importantly, his brother Cecil. When the news surfaced it transpired Cecil was a mason; as were others on the board of directors. The brothers were very close, so when Cecil threatened to leave the company if the programme was shown, Sidney found himself trapped in an awful emotional bind. With great reluctance he pulled the programme. Cecil stayed; but now Denis Forman threatened to resign. I'm glad he didn't. Of course, the suspension of the programme was a perfect example of its content the secret influence of masonry!

Mike Hodges
Durweston, Dorset

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