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Pakistan not given bin Laden proof - 9/11

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Tuesday 2nd October 2001
Story filed: 16:01

Pakistan not given bin Laden proof

Pakistan claims it has not received conclusive proof Osama bin Laden is behind the US terrror attacks.

An aide of President Pervez Musharraf says the Pakstani leader is still awaiting detailed evidence.

He spoke after the president had been briefed on the status of the investigation by US ambassador Wendy Chamberlin.

"We have yet to receive any detailed evidence about the persons responsible for the horrendous act of terrorism, or other links with bin Laden or Al-Qaida," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Riaz Mohammed Khan .

Nato Secretary-General Lord Robertson's claimed that the United States had provided the alliance with conclusive evidence against bin Laden.

But Khan retorted: "We are not part of Nato. Once they have some kind of evidence, we hope it will be shared with us."

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