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Name: greyannon New Member
Title: Masons and Divorce

I would like to ask anyone out there that has been a wife of a Mason, what were your experiences? Did your husband being involved in the Masons cause serious problems in your marriage that was otherwise happy? Did his involvement end in your divorce? How did he change for the worst? Tell me your story, or some elses story you know of.

Name: Lady12 New Member

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How do I begin? I am hurt beyond measure to find out I have been betrayed for so man-years A man I have known practically my whole life. Trust is major in a relationship, without it You just have a lie. Lies. How I hate them. Freemasonry is an institution that hates Jesus Christ- the only true God and the one that died for us all. I hate anything and everything that is an abomination to God. I love all people. Have learn much through a lot of pain. It is never good to judge. Certain things we are told in the precious word of God, must be exposed. Freemasons I love you all, but wish with all that I am that you know that Jesus Christ said " I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father Except through Me." John 14. He also said " I am the light of the world, He who follows Me Shall not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John 8:12. Acts 4:12 tells us Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name given unto men by which We must be saved. So as you can see. There is no other one to follow, no other path And no other light. And no other book, revelation 22, is the last book. Charity can be Done apart from an institution that is contrary to everything that Jesus Christ stands for For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul? Or what wil Will a man give in exchange for his soul? Mark 8:36-37. Losing my mate, but have Jesus Christ always. Love you all.

Name: soon to be x wife New Member

My husband of 13 years joined first the masons and then the shriners about a year ago, just last week he said we were through because we did not have anything in common??? He spent all of his time at one "event" or another, and much like others on her I did not go with him as I have a full time job, plus a house to keep!, he is on disability, so he is free to be the social butterfly. If your husband is about to join the masons or shriners, get ready to be an ex., NOTHING matters except his "brothers"

Name: A devistated X Wife. New Member

I have just been divorced for causing my husband 'social embaressement' because I refused to go with him. It is an anti-family organisation that steals the lives of not just the children, but also the men too. It takes vast quantities of the family finances. They also believe that their lives will somehow fall apart if they leave it (as if their life didn't exist before they went in!) It is systematically destroying the fabric of society, especially the middle classes. All in all, it is a horrid blight on society. They look silly too, but that's another matter.

Name: Aaron Dishon New Member

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Name: sad wife New Member

How Freemasonery make a good men better men? In my case they make a mess with my husband, he was a good men and that was the men I marry. Can't not belive his change. I wonder how many families been destroy for change a good men for better men. Better men for who? for them.

Name: gomper18 New Member

I suppost to celebrate our 30th anniversary and I don't think will be. Thanks for some reason Masons. I used to have a husband that used to care for our family, used to do everything together but now his only friends and vocabulary is Mason. Yes he put Mason first, second and third. Is just what the brothers have to say about how great he is doing. And no they don't have that many family activities. I start trainning my self to be alone go to the mivies by my self, restaurant by my self, shopping by my self. So I related with the rest of the ladies. Thanks to you I realized I'm not crazy or I'm not a bitch. This relationship is been so beat in the last year that I do not think it will be fix, I feel extreme hurt and betrayal.

Name: someguy New Member

Sorry to hear all of the bad responses. I am a Mason and I am also a member of other masonic bodies to include the Shrine and the Q. I do not understand some of the claims. My wife and kids come with me nearly 90% of the time. We travel together to conventions and we just attended the Shriners convention in Denver This year. Yes my wife and kids came and sat in on the week long meetings and we visited hospitality rooms for other masonic bodies where other wives were there taking part. In my opinion it is a family organization. If you are not involved with your spouse or told you cannot participate I would say that is a different issue. I will be taking my wife with me on the " Q" cruise to Mexico this winter. I know that there is still some rouge units out there that are holding onto the old way of the past but they are the Minority. with the technology that we have the Masonic Secret is out and you can see anything you would like on the internet. in fact if you would like to know what the ritual is all you have to do is type ROJ Ritual and you can print the script. Please do not hate all of us. My wife and I enjoy this organization.

Name: masonwife New Member

Masons are masters of nothing but deceit, so yes, it is very likely that anyone married to one will end up divorced or unhappy.

The bible is just one book of many that masons can swear on. it is considered equal to the koran; religious texts from the Hindu, Buddhist religions (and others) can also be used. The Lord God, Jesus Christ Himself, has forbidden oaths, and He hates murder. And yet masonry is nothing but oath after oath of vileness, including murder. It is true, however, that masons believe in "one god". However, it is the god of all religions, and particularly of the early, pagan mystery religions. (You can see it in the symbols if you have the education or knowledge of what they were). Even if you just look at it logically, one could easily see that this is a lie, as these different faiths have direclty conflicting beliefs. IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT THE GOD OF CHRISTIANITY, and it is blasphemy to equate the Lord Jesus Christ with the "gods" of other religions and call him just another light. Do not be mistaken; God is not mocked. Masons: Repent. I know that when you lie, it is because you are behaving like your father, the Father of Lies.

I am married to a mason, and there is a very real chance he will divorce me. I will not let him sell his soul without warning him. And I wanted to warn other women: this is most definitely a cult.

Name: ksk New Member

For 18 years my husband and I were partners in life . I loved him , was always there for him . I could count on him , he was there for me . Everything changed when he joined the Masons. He became a master mason , shriner and a member of the Q . At first I went with him to functions that wifes were allowed to attend . I was greeted with a cold reception from the other wifes . My husband assured me that would change if I would join the womens groups . I wanted nothing to do with this super secert organization . Being a Mason takes precedence over all other ,even wife and family . My husband was never home . He attened many important meetings and conventions where wifes are not allowed . I learned that prostitutes are an important part of these conventions and meetings . Wifes are only important as props . Attatchments to the members arm as he is honered moving up in chairs . A wife completes the uniform and gives the appearance of being good and honorable men . Some of these honored ladies have been with these men for than twenty years as masons . They have to know , but their friends and social lives are centered in the freemasons , the men they love . After many years of sharing our computer , my husband locked me out .After twenty six years our marriage is ending with divorce . I had his pass word removed from our computer . In it I found a prostittute service Shriners use when away from wifes . I found the name of one of the wifes that he shares a porn site with . He has been in a relationship with the widow of a Mason and with other women for a long time . Cheating and messing around on their wifes is one of the secerts . My husband has found a prop . If I could have played along my husband wouldn't be trying to put me out with only my personal belongings . Please don't tell me that Mason do good and kind acts with their secrets . Yes my husband has changed for the worst with involvement in the Masons . I am almost affraid because some judges and lawyers in Las Vegas are Masons .

Name: cas New Member

My husband is my best friend, the love of my life and the ONLY person I have ever trusted in my life. He just joined the masons and all I feel is extreme hurt and betrayal. I thought I could handle it, but I'm having a hard time with this and it shows. I try to be supportive but it's driving a wedge in a solid relationship. I cannot understand why a "fraternity" that "makes good men in to better men" and is so charitable would be so secret. I know this is the way it was founded in the 1700's. Women are treated differently today than they were, but for the sake of "tradition", the secrecy remains at the cost of marriage. If this fraternity was founded in the times of the caveman, would it be acceptable to pull us "Ladies" by the hair just because this is how it was done? This is another point - I am not an object or a possession, therefore I HATE the term, "his Lady". It used to be mandatory to memorize parts of the Masonic Cipher, but times have changed and now much of that memorization is no longer mandatory. Why can't other things be amended? I'm sick of this and wish he was never accepted. I'm kicking myself now because I didn't do my homework and research about the masons when the three "brothers" came to the home to interview my husband and supposedly me. I didn't know I needed to be in on the interview so I left the room when they came. After the interview was over, my husband called me in because they wanted to know if I had any questions. How could I have questions when I didn't hear anything, and didn't know anything to ask? The only I knew was that I've heard masons did charitable work. I had no idea what I was getting myself and our marriage into. There is NOTHING that is more sacred than the bond of marriage. ANY organization that intentionally demands secrecy between a husband and wife (with the exception of security agencies, of course) cannot claim to put marriage and family first. With the mason mentality, it's all about preserving the brotherhood and tradition of the "fraternity".

Name: qoqo New Member

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Name: angel New Member

I married my husband last year I knew he was a mason before I married him how ever all I have known my whole life about this organization is nothing. My views of masonry are very negative because of something I heard my husband friends say to a non member including things about eastern stars and masons . From reading all the blog’s about masonry and what I suspect to be is true they must be swingers. I new a mason growing up a business man who owns his on tire shop however he constantly cheats on his wife I guess those nights at the lodge were false I grew up seeing this type of behavior I thought it had nothing to do with the fact he was mason and just a cheating dog. Anyway I didn’t enter a marriage with secrets now I realized I did. A marriage should never have secrets and to be honest if you have to keep something a secret especially from the one you love you are indeed doing something very shameful and out of line. My husband claims he no longer practices masonry so why wont he show me what’s in that stupid ass suitcase anyway I just wanted to say thanks for the info on the masons I have been warned I hope my marriage doesn’t end in shambles. Oh yeah I don’t believe him when he says his is no longer practicing he has symbols every where in his car and on the computer. Recently a friend of mines husband joined this organization she has complained about how her husband is never home , could this be the evil doing of masonry which breaks families and marriages apart after reading some of your stories I am now completely out raged!

Name: kilka New Member

masons are brainwashed indeed, it is a cult and they worship one god or satan. their point is that all in this world comes from one god. there is no good and evil, it's all one will. no one can tell what god's plans are but they believe that all desires come from the divine spark so instead of using brain from time to time, they start totally following their desires. they trust in god, it's providence and their desires. whatever evil things they do(considered evil in normal world), they explain it as god's will. after some time their thinking processes stop and memories get lost. there are some magic rituals as well. it feels very "cool" for them to feel superior. it works in a way cause often their talks and actions without thinking are really spot on. just to give you an idea what it's like...it's sort of 2 movies together: "The Rite(priest's posession)" and "Limitless"(feeling limetless and being guided by upper force). So morality and ethics..it's all bla-bla-bla to cover up themselves. they sort of get rid of human beeing's free will

Name: WivesClub New Member

Hay Bill1393 - It sounds like most of us have done the research and paid the price for being married to fraternal jerks. Love your top 3 reasons see my response. I enhanced your reasons based on my personal experience after 30 years of marriage to a FREEMASON.

1. The opportunity to meet and fraternize with intelligent and respectable men that leave their wives and children on a regular basis for dinners, meetings and weekend events with no excuses and no financial limitations.
2. To study and improve my own knowledge and character including your sex life with Jester Girls.
3. To belong to an organization that spends one and one half million Dollars per day for charitable work while you drain your joint bank accounts and end up in divorce court after 30 years of marriage (this should have happened in 1984 when he joined the MASONS). The only charitable work my husband has done is to support prostitution.

The MASONS need to take a long look at the non-profit sub organizations that reflect on their conduct. You must be a Mason before you can belong to the sub organizations such as the Royal Order of Jesters which is noting but a disgusting bunch of perverts. Please quote me on that.

Wives should boycott any organization that excludes them from any meeting or gathering.

Name: Senta New Member

I have been married to my husband Chris now for 10 years. We moved from Utah to Las Vegas. He always wanted to become a mason so he became one.

I am finding myself always complaining about the masons. I think the group stands for allot of good but the husbands who are masons that I know they do not preach what they are taught. When I bring up spending quality time with me he does not at all, but when it comes to their meetings it can be almost every day of the week he is there all the way. They also go to the lodge of instruction that is a bar around the corner where he spends time with his brothers till hours in the morning. When I ask him to do something do with me spending quality time to build and spark our marriage he turns me down time after time. I work in a learning center with 30 kids on a daily basis take care of our kids when I come home from work. I need some adult time. Also they teach to be one with God with the other brothers but I do not see it. One of the other brothers who is married and goes to a swingers club with his wife , an other brother was soliciting his own sister with the other brothers to join their sex site. One of the other brothers surfs porn all the time.

You would almost think that he is married to the masons not me. He is pulling more and more away and we fight when I bring it up. They say they take oaths to the bible but why are your actions not in tune with that. I thought when you got married you become one with your wife , but I only see my husband is one with the masons. You are doing allot of good what the outside world can see but what good do you do in your households to become one with the wife. you are distancing your self more from her. He does not see the change in himself. A wife who is always home with the kids, who does not go any where. Who wants affection from her husband not just sex. But my husband who rather be with his brothers. Anyway I love my husband very much and I fighting for my marriage. If I would be gone as much as he is I know for a fact he would accuse me of having an affair. I don't know what to think any more.

Name: WivesClub New Member

After 30 years of marriage to a Shriner I finally realized what a life I wasted with someone who lies, cheats and deceives me. My husband joined the Freemasons after we had been married about 5 years and being the narcissist that he is things quickly got out of hand –he is currently a member of 14+ organizations. It doesn’t stop with the Shrine there are spin off organizations they join such as the Royal Order of Jesters, Order of the Q, Billiken Clubs, Jesters on Wheels, etc. that keep them gone on weekends and will drain your bank accounts. These organizations promote immoral activities that are published as STAG events that include prostitution. Over the years while doing the wash I found call girl cards, phone numbers, Viagra, and other memorabilia in my husband’s pockets after he returned from the “Books”. These Books are nothing more than excuses to leave your wife and family and do whatever you want – your marriage vows are checked at the door. What goes on behind the secret Shrine/ROJ curtain stays behind the curtain. They will lie to your face and in court to protect each other. One protection they can’t offer is from HIV – Jester Girls should be tested more often. I recommend to other wives that you have your husband HIV tested regularly if he joins any of these organizations or your life could be in danger and not just from his threats. The Sam Houston email regarding the Royal Order of Jesters is not isolated to Texas and New York this behavior exists in every state under the fraternal cloak of darkness. They are brainwashed to acknowledge Hiram Abiff as their savior and to believe in a supreme being that is not Jesus Christ. Like they say SO MOTE IT BE!

Name: Gizzy New Member

My husband recently joined the Masons. We have been married 22 yrs. we have two boys 21 and 17. Everyone who has responded has hit it right on the money. I thought I was the only one who was feeling this way. My husband sits on the couch and reads this little blue book after work til its time to go to bed. Not to mention he is gone every saturday all day long for ceremonies out in the woods. Yes he calls all of them brothers now and yes I agree this is a CULT!! All he does now is spends several hours a week with them. Hours that he could be spending with his own family, working on the lawn, keeping up the pool. Nope that is on the back burner as well as me and our youngest son. Everything is so private that I dont know where he goes or what he is doing. They have secret hand shakes and secret codes. I am found home alone most of the time now. I can see that they are more important than me. Divorce is on my mind more than ever. Its a CULT and they have brainwashed him.

Name: gomper18 New Member

I knew it, I was not the only one with this problem. Angel Fire is like you are here. 27 years together, three grow n sons, use to enjoy riding motorcycle together and little by little is all about the MASON's he is somebody I don't know. Because I don't speak Mason is no communication at all. I;m totally in the back burner at the point, if he have to choose between me and Mason... guess who? I do not have any family around at all so, I am by my self, THANK YOU MASON'S I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY FOR BREAKING UP YET ANOTER MARRIAGE!!!!!

GM we get together twice a year with them and is all about them, wife are just to show how wonderful they are in front of each other, Bulllllllllll.

Greyannon, thanks, my husband do anything for the Masons BUT in our house is a lot to do and he never find time cause the meetings and then he comes from work and is tiered.

What the ======= they preach at home? nothing

Name: angel_fire New Member

Before my husband joined the mason's my husband and I had a very close and happy relationship. once he joined them he turned into a man that i no longer know. i have known this man for 19 years and now he is a stranger too me and our children. he has gone so far as to tell me that the masons are his brothers and sisters and we are no longer his family. IS THIS NORMAL????now he is telling me that him and i are not on te same pathway so we should not be together anymore. that was said because i told him i didnt agree with what he was doing with mason's. and i told him that i was not happy to know that the way the Eastern Star group out there got started because the leader woman of the Easter Star slept with the then Worshipful Master. so that upset me. my husband told me that story himself. i have dont alot of research on this group and i hate to break the news to everyone it is a CULT!! problem being if the person is in they will never ever fix their lips to say the truth. they have been brainwashed. now after 19 years i am going to have to learn to live without my wonderful -bestfriend i ever had - my husband. THANK YOU MASON'S I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY FOR BREAKING UP YET ANOTER MARRIAGE!!!!!

Name: Bill1393

Please take a few minutes and do some serious research.

Yes; some Masons behave badly. This is in opposition to what we are taught.

I will give three reasons I am an active Freemason.
The opportunity to meet and fraternize with intelligent at respectable men.
To study and improve my own knowledge and character.
To belong to an organization that spends one and one half million
Dollars per day for charitable work.

Your State Grand Lodge Website is a good place to start reading, or Google "Freemason".

Finally we believe in one God and take our oaths on The Bible.

I sincerely regret that your lives are so troubled; but let me assure you That Masonry is not in itself the cause.

My Best to You All


Name: wifesbeware

I am going through the same thing as you. My husband got involved with the masons and it has been the wrose experience in my life. The lodge he is in does nothing but worship the devil and I am not going to have any part of that. I am not saying the masons have not done anything good in the community but they has done nothing right in the eyes of the Lord. The masons took a happy home and destroyed it. Now I am left raising two children on my own and lost not just my husband but he was also a father of my children and my best friend.

Name: greyannon New Member

Pardon me for being so blunt, but false blame without knowledge really ticks me off. From your "look inside yourself" reply, my guess is you are an Eastern Star member, and therefore could not view any of this with non-bias. This attitude is exactly what I'm talking about: it's never them, it's you. Maybe some good works have been proclaimed by this group and their spin-offs, but it does not give them free reign to be racist, sexist, arrogant, nasty, pushy and indifferent to any negative impact that is brought to someone's relationships (including my husbands' friends) by being involved with the Masons. I learned a long time ago that I am not the only one ( and not the only lodge location) that has experienced this change in a husband that joined the Masons, so that blows the theory that I have to look into our relationship as the problem. To further prove my point, since I started this thread on July 23rd, 2001, my husband has disclosed to me much more of the goings on in this group, he has had it with them. As far as "joining the Eastern Star and see"; I have been among them at various events, holier then thou, snobbery and alienation was what I experienced there, and at no surprise to me. Respectfully.

Name: GM New Member

You and the other lady must have had just a bad husband. I have had great experience with the Masons and other Masons wives. Other organizations along with them (the Shriners and Scottish Rites) are all dedicated to the family values and helping those unfortunates and children. Those that don't are just not living up to what the purpose of the organization is. These groups help so many people and ask for nothing in return. Join the Eastern Star and see for yourself. Don't let a bad experience cast a bad light on the great organization. This group includes people throughout history that built this country and fought for the family values and the freedom we have. I can only say, if I needed help, I will turn to these people and know I will get a helping hand with no return expectation. Maybe you are blaming the wrong person or persons for your marriage problems, look further into yourself.

Name: KMarak1116 New Member

Hon, I am not sure if you relaize this but the Mason's are considered like a cult. They have rituals and things of that sort that is performed in meetings etc.. Do a web search on Mason's and see what you come up with. I am afraid you are gonna be fairly shocked at what you find. Sorry for your trouble.

Name: greyannon New Member

Oh yes, I am aware of what goes on within their group. I was going with him to the covered dish meetings, at the very beginning before he took any seat of office. They treated me like dirt and talked about him behind his back, loud enough for me to hear. It was shameful behavior. Then I saw what the people in that group were like and I said, I'm outa here. My husband slowly over the years, as he moved up in the chairs of office, began to neglect every aspect of our life together. The Masons became the first and formost thing in his mind. Everything else was pushed aside, including me. It was a very disturbing thing to witness happening. I felt I was losing my husband to a group of brainwashers. This is his last year (so he says), he is the "Worshipful Master" and he says that's the end. I can only hope. They have him doing all the running for the lodge, even cutting the grass there with no help. The whole scenario is a joke and he is thier sucker, sad to say. I think now that this "goal" of his (whatever it was for) is coming to an end, I think he is sincere in his statement of quitting. He does express to me that he learned nothing from them, and now sees what was happening to our life together. I do appreciate your comments greatly. I wanted to reach out to other women in their experiences with the Masons, to know that I'm not alone in one of the most out of control, horrible experiences of my life. Thanks.

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