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Fr. Gabriel Burke: Mass for Freemasons (In Brazil)

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Mass for Freemasons

Sunday, 26 August 2012

brazil, freemasons, catholic church

Rorate Caeli reports on a Mass for Freemasons in a parish in Brazil. The priest in question is Fr. Gerald de Magala de Silva. The Bishop of the Diocese is a Redemptorist , Most Rev. José Luiz Ferreire Salles.

It appears that the parish is used to liturgical novelty as the next photo shows the laypeople simulating concelebration:

brazil, freemasons, catholic church

It is forbidden for a Catholic to be a member of the Freemasons. Under the new Code of Canon Law, Catholic who join a lodge are not automatically excommunicated but they are in serious sin and are not permitted to receive Holy Communion.

There are two types of Freemasons, I will call one group English and the other Grand Orient. In these islands most masons belong to the former. To be a mason in these lodges one must believe in some sort of Suprem Being. They are open to all religions and none. In those that follow the rites of the Grand Orient, one is an Atheist and they are usually extremely Anti Catholic. Until recently the only Masons in Ireland were of the English type belonging to the Grand Lodge of Ireland but today the Grand Orient also have a lodges in Ireland

Either form of Freemasonry is forbidden to Catholics. The English style because they treat all religions as the same therefore denigrating the unique position of Jesus as Saviour. The Grand Orient because simply they are Atheistic and Anti Catholic. Bot forms have secrets oaths and rituals which are not compatible with the Christian faith.

When Freemasonry was originally set up in the 18th century Catholics at first were not forbidden. The first condemnation comes from Pope Clement in 1737. Again in 1751 Benedict XIV issued a bull condeming Freemasonry. Neither of these documents were well circulated in Ireland. Because of this Catholic likes Daniel O'Connell were Freemason When however Pope Leo XII issued a bull condemning Freemasonry, O'Connell resigned his membership immediately. Catholic are forbidden to this day from joining lodges of any rite.

People in the North of Ireland will notice that the Masons regalia is not to dissimilar to the Orange and Black orders.

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