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Post: Saudis Fleeing - 9/11

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Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2001 9:48 a.m. EDT

Post: Saudis Fleeing

The New York Post's Page Six today reports that Saudi royalty is fleeing to Geneva, Switzerland.

Page Six reports: "The threat of American military action in the Middle East has sent weak-kneed Arabian royalty running for safety in Europe. Ailing Saudi King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz and 11 plane loads of his wives, offspring and servants reportedly have high-tailed it to a string of swanky, heavily guarded, lakeside estates in Geneva, Switzerland, where the airport is jammed with their private jets. Also hiking their robes and scurrying to Switzerland, where the oil-rich Arabs bank their money, are Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan and the Emir of Quatar, Zeid Ibn Sultan el-Nayan."

The paper cites the website Debkafile as its source.

Comment: Freemasonry Watch News has been reporting this story for the last two weeks.

Turn off your T.V.'s folks...

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