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WTC Missing Toll Falls To 4,620 Says Mayor - 9/11

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World Trade Center Missing Toll Falls To 4,620 Says Mayor

September 27, 2001

NEW YORK (AFP) - The number of people registered as missing in the ruins of the World Trade Center has fallen by nearly 2,000 to 4,620, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Thursday.

But Giuliani told reporters that while 4,620 people were recorded as missing at family center set up for victims of the September 11 attack, a total of 5,960 people had been registered as missing persons with the police.

He said the final toll was likely to be somewhere between the two figures.

Comment: Goes down as the most singular feat of rapid mass evacuation from a hi-rise in history ever, given that officials and media repeatedly stated that in the two towers alone there were 50,000 workers with an additional 100,000 average daily visitors and tourists. Tens of thousands of others were inside the death zone in attached and nearby hotels, offices, restaurants, parkades, and subway stations.

Truely remarkable given it has been widely reported by the workers who escaped that WTC Security had announced over the complexes public address system for people in the buildings to stay where they were and not evacuate, an instruction which the escapees say many of their co-workers followed.

How many people were inside the complex at the time of the attack, how many people were late or absent from work on that day?

Salmon Rushdie reports that he was forbidden to fly on domestic U.S. and Canadian flights from September 3 on by U.S. Officials because there was the high possiblity of an attack

How many others received the same warning?

Why did Officials seem to take so few steps to warn or protect the general public if they had specific information relating to a major terrorist attack occuring in the U.S. after September 3 involving commerial airliners?

British and Pakistani Foreign Affairs and Inteligence officials have stated that specific warnings were given to the Taliban in July that unless they immediately turned over Osama Bin Laden a full scale invasion of Afganistan would take place by the U.S. in mid October and a Massive British expedionary force sortied from Britain on September 3 for "exercises" in the Persian Gulf.

We know today that in 1933 Reichstag Fire was staged by the Nazi's to justify their crushing of all opposition and dissent and staged an attack against a post on the Polish border by "terrorists" to provide the pretext for the invasion of Poland.

We know today that Germany didn't use "targeted killings of cowardly terrorists" in operations against the Resistance in occupied France, Greece, Yugoslavia, and Russia but they instead "assassinated brave freedom fighters".

We know today that Brother FDR had advance warning of the impending "surprise" Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor but did nothing in order to provide the necessary moral outrage among Americans to bring them into a world war.

We know today that someone placed a near pristine 'magic' bullet on a stretcher in Parklands Hospital in Dallas in 1963, a bullet were then told by the Warren Commission caused one wound in JFK, changed direction in mid-air then caused two more wounds to Governor Connolly.

We know today that the the Gulf of Tonkin incident was staged to provide the necessary mass public outrage to bring the U.S. into the Vietnam War.

We know today that the Soviets staged an attack against the Afganistan Presidential Palace in 1979 using Spetnaz special forces dressed up in Afganistan army uniforms to justify their invasion of Afganistan to "stop terrorism".

We know today that on 9-11 a horrible crime occured.

That's all we know.

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