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The Doomsday message has been cast, where do you stand? - 9/11

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Where do you Stand?

23 September 2001

by Patricia Cori (patcori@tiscalinet.it)
FW Contributor

The doomsday message has been cast: "If you are not with us," said President George W. Bush in his address to the nation, "then you are with the terrorists."

Let us give due consideration to the meaning and the impact of such an unyielding, arrogant statement ­ since our behavior, thoughts, conversations, interests and actions will soon be subject to all manner of surveillance and scrutiny and, if we are going to be categorized into such dangerous archetypes, then we are most definitely going to need to know which side we are on.

I understand "with us" to mean that we must be determined to attack all enemies of the Alliance and particularly those of the United States - regardless of proof and due process (upon which our entire democracy claims to be based.) To me it means allowing innocent civilians to be massacred in the name of infinite justice; it means not only watching our youth go off to war, perhaps never to return ­ but celebrating it. It means revenge over unknown enemies, striking out (not unlike Don Quixote) against shadows, absurdly aggressive actions and irreparable damage to the fragile balance of our world. It means the unleashing of new, terrifying weapons of destruction, the further poisoning of the earth and the sky, the perpetuation of hopelessness amongst us.

I understand that to be with them, we must be willing to give up the right to dissent or peaceful protest ­ and by nature of that denial we will certainly be obliged to silence. To be with them, we have been told, will mean sacrificing some of our civil liberties for safety. It means accepting that much of the military offensive about to be enacted by our democracy, leader of the NATO alliance, be conducted in secrecy. To be with them requires these concessions of the citizens of the free world. We must wave our flags, sing our anthems, go to war and ask no questions.

Careful now. If we are not willing to accept these conditions then we are with the terrorists. Indeed, I imagine that we are terrorists. My God, before long we too, may be persecuted, like those who were sought out as Communists by the McCarthy Committee like witches in the inquisition.

What a dilemma. From where I'm sitting it appears that all peace-seeking citizens of planet earth are being told that they must forego their desire for non-violent resolutions and agree to live by the sword or be burned at the proverbial stake.

The One World Order is upon us, friends.

Sound the alarm.

Pat Cori is the author of
-The Cosmos of Soul: A Wake-up Call for Humanity
-Atlantis Rising: The Struggle of Darkness and Light

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