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Bin Laden denies responsibility for attacks, says Israel, India or Russia may be responsible - 9/11

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Story filed: 10:48 Saturday 6th October 2001

Bin Laden denies responsibility for attacks

Osama bin Laden denies he was behind the US terror attacks.

He says Israel, India or Russia may be responsible.

It is his first verified public statement since September 11.

Bin Laden says none of the outfits operating under the al-Qaida organisation were behind the attacks.

He says they may have been engineered by the enemies of Islam and Christianity.

''Countries like Israel, Russia, India and Serbia could have triggered these attacks to promote their culture and religion," he said.

"One cannot ignore the fact that even Jews, who were unhappy with the election of George W Bush as US President, could have been behind the attacks."

Bin Laden gave the interview to Takbeer, a Pakistan-based Urdu newspaper, from his hideout in Afghanistan.

He says his struggle is against forces killing innocent people and the attacks in the US are designed to give the noble religion of Islam a bad name.

Bin Laden says a number of other countries could become his safe haven if he is forced to leave Afghanistan. He claims he has hideouts in Indonesia, Algeria, Chechnya, Kashmir, Bosnia and Sudan.

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