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Bro. Colonel Gaddafi blames Unrest on al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and 'protesters high on hallucinogenic drugs'

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Herald Sun - Australia

Muammar Gaddafi forces kill Tripoli protesters

Gaddaffi blames al Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden for stirring descent in Libya

February 26, 2011

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AFP - FORCES loyal to Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi opened fire on protesters in several areas of the capital Tripoli, killing several people.

"The security forces fired indiscrimately on the demonstrators," said a resident of one of the eastern suburbs that had seen previous clashes between opponents of the regime and its remaining loyalists.

"There were deaths in the streets of Sug al-Jomaa," the resident said.

Residents of other eastern suburbs, including Ben Ashur and Fashlum, as well as the western district of Ghut Ashaal, said they too had witnessed sustained gunfire against anyone in the streets.

"They shot at unarmed civilians who were leaving after prayers," a Ben Ashur resident said.

Security personnel had deployed around mosques to prevent demonstrations after the main weekly Muslim prayers, witnesses said.

In their sermons, prayer leaders followed a text that had been imposed by the authorities calling for a "return to stability" and an end to "sedition" and "acts of sabotage", worshippers said.

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