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REPORT: Bro. McCain calls Rice unqualified (but he thought Sis. Palin could be VP)

'Vietnam Vets who think Senator McCain is a fraud'

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McCain calls Rice ‘unqualified,’ but he thought Palin could be vice president

Nov 28, 2012

By VeronicaS
Washington DC: USA

Vietnam POWs who think Sen. McCain is a fraud

The Republican obsession with UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s statement on a Sunday talk show is gaining momentum and one particular Senator seemed downright apoplectic about it.

John McCain was seen sweating profusely Tuesday while speaking on the ongoing “inquisition” of Rice because she referred to the Benghazi killings as a “spontaneous attack” spurred on by an anti-Muslim video.

But I am downright puzzled: Why is Rice being raked over the coals for this tragedy? Why isn’t it Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or President Obama, who, incidentally, have both said they will take full responsibility for what happened? Or even General David Petraeus?

Yes, she spoke when she should have said I am not fully informed to discuss this or I will leave it to Clinton and the White House to give more info, but I still do not understand the furor over her statement. She was speaking from the information she was given.

The Good Ole Boys and Gals of the Grand Ole Party somberly stood before the cameras Tuesday after a day of grilling Rice to express their deep disappointment in what they learned on Benghazi. Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) said he was more confused and disturbed now more than ever. Wonder if he was equally or more disturbed at that other Rice—Condoleezza, the then-security adviser to President George Bush during the horrific Sept. 11 attack in 2001—when she said the Bush administration had intel before the catastrophic attack which left 3,000 American civilians dead.

Or that other time, when intel that was completely false sent the US into war with Iraq—a war that lasted almost a decade leaving countless bodies, millions of dollars spent, infrastructure and historical buildings destroyed and a country still unstable to this day. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Republicans help confirm that other Rice as Secretary of State after all that “disturbing incompetence?”

I guess it’s only incompetence when the mistakes are made on the Democratic side, Sen. McCain?

I say McCain for he has been more vocal than the rest and on a rant long before yesterday, calling Rice “incompetent,” “unqualified,’ not “very bright,” adding “she has proven that she either doesn’t understand or she is not willing to accept evidence on its face.” This from a man who thought Sarah Palin, the part-time governor of Alaska, reality TV star, who said she could see see Russia from her home state, who couldn’t handle a Katie Couric interview, was qualified enough to be vice president of the United States.

So Senator, what is really going on here? Here is Ambassador Susan Rice’s qualification:

Attended Stanford University (Truman Scholarship)

B.A. in History

New College

Oxford (Rhodes Scholarship)


Now here is Sarah Palin’s:

1982, enrolled at the University of Hawaii (1-2 Semesters)

1982, transferred to the Hawaii Pacific University (2 Semesters)

1983, transferred to North Idaho Community College (2 Semesters)

1984, won Miss Wasilla Beauty Pageant

1984, placed third in the Miss Alaska Pageant (Played the flute for talent and won Miss Congeniality award and a college scholarship)

1984, transferred to the University of Idaho, Moscow (1 year)

1985, Alaska Matanuska-Susitna College (1 Semester)

1986, transferred to the University of Idaho, received Bachelor’s Degree in Communication

Okay, Palin’s academic resume is longer but this just proves more is not necessarily better. She certainly took a long time getting there.

What about McCain’s qualification professionally, academically and ethically? Apart from admitting to ranking near the bottom of his class at the US Naval Academy, (894th of 899), a group of fellow POWs who seem to have zero respect for him. Why is that? I refrain from passing judgment; just listen to the attached video above for more.

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