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Bro. Muammar Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard

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Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard



Gaddafi's all female bodyguards known as The Amazonian Guard

Muammar al-Gaddafi maintains a 40 member group of women unofficially referred to as the Amazonian Guard as his personal bodyguards and protectors. Upon selection as a candidate for the group the ladies are put through a tough training regimen in firearms and martial arts. His body guards are killing machines. They are trained to protect him and die for him. They also take a vow of chastity and apparently many young women are dying to take on this role. The Amazonian guard dress in western style fatigues, can wear make up, western hair styles, high heels, and other clothing not deemed acceptable in the Muslim world. These women are supposedly all virgins.

Bro. Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard

Bro. Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard

Bro. Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard

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