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British Freemasonry, Labour and the Deep State

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British Freemasonry, Labour and the Deep State

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tony Blair, Labour Party

I'm afraid I don't know an awful lot about Merlyn Reese, other than the cabinet positions he held and the times that he held them.

In December of 1973, all parties are agreed (with retrospect), peace was at hand in the North of Ireland - Provos, ex-paratroops and ex-Spooks all converge on this point - the war had been won and the IRA were war-weary, broken and beaten - thoroughly infiltrated by informants at every level, it's leaders jailed, flow of arms interdicted and shut off.

That was the situation in Feburary of 1974 when Labour was returned to power and Merlyn Rees became Secretary of State for Northern Ireland - Labour had sent the troops in in 1970 to restore public order (which Catholics at the time had been especially grateful for), and now, in the wake of the Sunningdale Agreement and power sharing, it was about to bring them home.

And then, in the period between the February and October 1974 Elections, like every other aspect of British national life, for no reason at all, and completely out of the blue, all hell broke loose.

Harold Wilson condemned the roaring demagogues and Presbytarian bully-boys of Ulster for sponging off the might and relative economic prosperity of the rest of the British State whilst kicking it in the teeth, which was an economic truth.

In August, Ulstermen enacted a general strike across the province, causing mass disruption and chaos with breaks in the electricity supply.

For no real reason...


A MASSIVE wildcat bombing campaign of completely unprecedented proportions, across the province occurred almost immediately afterwards, and was both claimed and blamed on Republicans.

But the fact that all the striking Orangemen opted to march that year with pieces of sponge pinned to their lapels as a mark of defiance and pride suggests to me that we are in the pressence of a psy-op, here...

"Because Labour can't keep you safe".

Once he became Home Secretary, they promptly dropped the longest serial murder series in British criminal history right into his lap in his Leeds constituency.


Although the Bilderberg element constantly vyed for control, it is notable to observe that the Wilson and Callaghan cabinets were the only ones in recent memory not dominated by Freemasons; Nazi King Edward VIII, former Grand Master of English Freemasony had in the 1920s ordered the creation of a a SECOND Masonic Lodge Temple within the Palace of Westminster (the New Welcome Lodge) for the sole and specific purpose of recruiting and co-opting rising stars within the Parliamentary Labour Party.

These MPs dominated both the wartime coalition War Cabinet and the 1945 Labour Government.

Indeed, Churchill once noted in his diary:

"An empty taxicab pulled up outside the Palace of Westminster; and Clement Attlee stepped out."

and yet still, he was Prime Minister for more than 5 years....

Wilson, and then Callaghan appear to have consciously avoided appointing Freemasons....

I strongly suspect Rees might share similar concerns.

Either way, in reviewing allegations of mass ritualised child abuse, being on a 3 MP panel with Alex Carlile and Ted Heath, he hadn't a hope...