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Al-Jazeera says correspondent in US detained - 9/11

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Thursday November 15, 5:30 AM

Al-Jazeera says correspondent in US detained

Qatar's Al-Jazeera satellite channel said one of its correspondents in the United States was detained by police while covering the US-Russian summit in Texas.

"American police detained Al-Jazeera's Washington correspondent Mohammad al-Alami while he was covering the US-Russian summit in Texas," it said in an on-screen announcement.

Alami, whom Al-Jazeera contacted by telephone, said he was detained at Waco airport from where he was to travel to Crawford for the summit between US President George W. Bush and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

"Policemen armed with M-16 automatic rifles followed me as I was leaving the airport and arrested me," he said.

"The police told me that a credit card of Al-Jazeera's Washington office that I used to rent a car and reserve a plane ticket and my hotel room had in the past served for transactions linked to Afghanistan," he said.

"Technically, I am not under arrest but I can not leave the airport," said Alami, a US national.

Al-Jazeera television has won worldwide fame for its exclusive reporting from behind the lines of Afghanistan's Taliban militia, which is under US attack for harbouring prime terror suspect Osama bin Laden.

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