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ACM Awards 2012: ‘Why is LL Cool J there?’ Becomes Trending Twitter Topic

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ACM Awards 2012: ‘Why is LL Cool J there?’ Becomes Trending Twitter Topic

April 2, 2012

Music News

LL Cool J, ACM Awards 2012, freemasonry

Twitter either shows our society at its best (as when 140 character outpourings of condolence flooded the service when Whitney Houston died) and it’s worst. On Sunday (April 1), tweeters were arguably showing us their worst side when the term “#WhyisLLCoolJ” started trending on Twitter.

Basically the Country Music Awards viewers were confused as to why was LL Cool J’s a black man be at a country music event. Check out some of the tweets:

Why is LL Cool J at the AMCs Idkmaybe its a april fools prank lol

“Why is LL Cool J on the #ACMs?” -me. “Nothing says country music like a big black man.” -my brother. Lolllll.
– Katelynn Elliott? (@kkmmee) April 2, 2012

Ummm…why is LL Cool J here? Is he lost or something?
– Mark Piselli (@MarkPiselli13) April 2, 2012

Other presenters included the rock legends KISS (in full makeup) and “Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth, but I guess they fit in with the CMA cause of the color of the skin. Thoughts?

On a lighter note..LL Cool J featured in April Fools day Gmail tap Video

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